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Manx Rally - Isle of Man

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In association with Manx Slot Car Club, SlotrallyGB is proud to announce the third round of the championship will take place over the weekend of 21st & 22nd April 2012 at the Glen Helen Inn Isle of Man.

This is a weekend (two day) event with rallying on the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. It will also feature some night stages run as a seperate competition over 3 stages with the winner taking the car! We plan to have a social meal at the venue on the Saturday evening.

Stages will be a mixture of Ninco, SCX, Scalextric and routed tracks. Dave Capelen and his fellow club members put on a fantastic event last year with a great relaxed atmosphere. The hotel venue is superb with an excellent bar and great food at very reasonable prices.

Obviously this is a long haul event for most of us, but travel costs and accommodation are not too expensive. Below are a few useful links for travel;

Isle of Mann Airport web site

Web link to airlines who fly to/from.

In addition to flying you may wish to drive and cross via the ferry. Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

As an option, I'm also considering organising a group travel mini bus. Fairly simple concept of hiring a 15 seater mini bus from the Surrey area, driving via Wales, Midlands and Liverpool and then crossing on the ferry. Exact details will need to be trashed out, but expected travel costs would be in the region of £120 per person based on ten traveling together. To help see if this is a workable option could you add a note in your application to attend a note if you are interested. It's probably best to assume traveling on the Friday and Monday. If anyone has access to a cheap/free minibus - let me know.

Accommodation should be booked directly with the venue;

Glen Helen Inn, Glen Helen, Isle of Man (
Tel: Kate, on 01624-666186

Single rooms £40 per night B&B
Double rooms £55 per night B&B
Twin Rooms £55 per night B&B

Mention Slot Rally when you make the booking.

This is the thread to enter this round, please add your name to this thread if you wish to enter.

1. Gareth Jex
2. Dave Capelen
3. Chris Priest
4. Russell Powell
5. Andi Burt
6. David Kneale
7. Ryan Kneale
8. Andy White
9. Wayne Goble
10. Steve Morrow
11. Mike Buss
12. Mike Dove
13. Chris Angold
14. Phil Barry
15. Martyn John
16. Geoff Harrision
17. Brian Harrision
18. Doug Wheeler
19. Ray Beattie
20. Luke Tyrrell
21. Pete Hopkins

Please reserve your place as quickly as possible and let others know about the event. A high resolution poster is available to download below suitable for printing.

Tire Car Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting


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Could you add Steve Morrow to the list please? Thank you.
Could you add Pete Hopkins to the list please? Thanks.
Thanks Gareth.

Even more reason to look forward to that weekend now, the limited edition cars have arrived and are being sent over for those signed up for one:
Ltd Edition cars arrived
Hi all,
Gareth has given me permission to alter the Manx Time Sheets, so don't bother downloading them yet please. We are just having an email discussion about what we do about the reversed stages, as we may change that. Once that has been decided then I will add the new Manx Time Sheets for downloading (will be tomorrow morning now). Thanks.
Morning all,
as promised, below are the NEW (different formats) Manx Time Sheets for this weekends Manx SlotRally. Please use these rather than the ones that JEXY1 posted above as they have now changed, with Gareths permission. Thanks.

View attachment 9950 View attachment 9951

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the weekend.
Hi Luke,
Chris didn't tell me that it was the SCX version you wanted! The one he has seen has a Scalextric chassis and motor. I have, however, been up in the attic for a dig around and found my SCX version that I used when I first started slot racing. It's got sentimental attachments but that won't slow it down!

It's completely standard and must be 15 years old with its original tyres (although they seem ok). I'll bring it along and you are welcome to use it for the event.
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There will be 26 of us at the meal. As we have gone all religious in this thread now; who's saying Grace?

Just a reminder to fill in your Stage Timesheets with the class and car. Saves doing it on the day. Thanks.
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Some photos of the 2012 Manx SlotRally stages.

Some really hard work had gone into this years stages which were appreciated by all the competitors. There were a couple of minor problems which could be sorted out next year, if those stages ever see daylight again that is! Well done to all those stage builders.

Firstly apologies, I can't believe I didn't photograph Waynes World which Wayne kindly brought with him for us to use. Hopefully someone else will post a photo of that stage.

Pooil Vaaish build by Mike Buss:

Manx Hillclimb built by Chris Priest:

The Tunnel - Chris had lights for this but just ran out of time.....

Tholt-Y Will built by Chris Angold. Apparently all gravel and driftwood has now been returned to the beach it fell off.

Tholt-Y Will - top

Tholt-Y Will hill and hairpin

Groudle built by Ryan Kneale. The bridge wasn't popular but you got a cheer if you made it over!

Druidale built by Dave Capelan and friends. Russell wasn't getting a sly practice, this was after the event.

I'll post some photo's of the trophy winners later, apparently Matt is desperate to see Phil picking up his Classic class winners trophy.
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QUOTE Andi4x4 said.....Some good pics there, Steve, Waynes World not the only one missing though !

oops, sorry Andi, I'd had a tiring weekend, brain wasn't in gear. I did take photos, and loaded them, I just forgot the link!
Here it is, the Glencrutchery Road stage by Andi Burt:
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Here are some photo's of the trophy winners at this weekends event. Congratulations to all.
Unfortunately not

everyone can win one, but hopefully everyone enjoyed the event whatever their results.

Phil Barry (trophy being presented by Dave Capelan)
1st Classic
2nd Modified

Wayne Goble (trophy being presented by Chris Priest)
1st Modified
1st 80's
2nd Pro Stock

Ryan Kneale (trophy being presented by Chris Priest)
1st Modern 2WD
1st ProStock
3rd Modern 4WD

Steve Morrow (trophy being presented by Andi Burt)
1st Modern 4WD
2nd Modern 4WD
2nd Modern 2WD
2nd 80's

Martyn John (trophy being presented by Andy White)
2nd Classic

Andy White (trophy being presented by Mike Dove)
3rd Modified
3rd Modern 2WD

Luke Tyrrell (trophy being presented by Chris Priest)
3rd Pro Stock

Dave Capelan (trophy being presented by Andy White)
3rd Classic

Russell Powell (trophy being presented by Mike Buss)
3rd 80's

Sorry the photo's are poor, but it's difficult when you are trying to drink beer, eat chips, clap the presentations and take photos at the same time! That's my excuse anyway
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Ha ha, sorry Andi, yes, you could almost be twins if only Chris would grow his hair longer. I've changed it now.
That pesky Ryan bloke beat me to a first place too! And I thought he was a team-mate.
And now you are threatening to take my F1 crown away.... think I may just go back to collecting.

I was in a group with Phil, Martin Geoff and Luke. They were a pleasure to race with and we had some laughs too. Luke and Martyn quoting Farther Ted lines whilst they were doing a stage!
Phil went well with his Classic and Modified cars, so Wayne must have gone really well to take the modified win.
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It will be one of our visitors from across the water, they just didn't want to pay any extra baggage charges for it on the flight home!
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