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Manx Rally - Isle of Man

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In association with Manx Slot Car Club, SlotrallyGB is proud to announce the third round of the championship will take place over the weekend of 21st & 22nd April 2012 at the Glen Helen Inn Isle of Man.

This is a weekend (two day) event with rallying on the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. It will also feature some night stages run as a seperate competition over 3 stages with the winner taking the car! We plan to have a social meal at the venue on the Saturday evening.

Stages will be a mixture of Ninco, SCX, Scalextric and routed tracks. Dave Capelen and his fellow club members put on a fantastic event last year with a great relaxed atmosphere. The hotel venue is superb with an excellent bar and great food at very reasonable prices.

Obviously this is a long haul event for most of us, but travel costs and accommodation are not too expensive. Below are a few useful links for travel;

Isle of Mann Airport web site

Web link to airlines who fly to/from.

In addition to flying you may wish to drive and cross via the ferry. Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

As an option, I'm also considering organising a group travel mini bus. Fairly simple concept of hiring a 15 seater mini bus from the Surrey area, driving via Wales, Midlands and Liverpool and then crossing on the ferry. Exact details will need to be trashed out, but expected travel costs would be in the region of £120 per person based on ten traveling together. To help see if this is a workable option could you add a note in your application to attend a note if you are interested. It's probably best to assume traveling on the Friday and Monday. If anyone has access to a cheap/free minibus - let me know.

Accommodation should be booked directly with the venue;

Glen Helen Inn, Glen Helen, Isle of Man (
Tel: Kate, on 01624-666186

Single rooms £40 per night B&B
Double rooms £55 per night B&B
Twin Rooms £55 per night B&B

Mention Slot Rally when you make the booking.

This is the thread to enter this round, please add your name to this thread if you wish to enter.

1. Gareth Jex
2. Dave Capelen
3. Chris Priest
4. Russell Powell
5. Andi Burt
6. David Kneale
7. Ryan Kneale
8. Andy White
9. Wayne Goble
10. Steve Morrow
11. Mike Buss
12. Mike Dove
13. Chris Angold
14. Phil Barry
15. Martyn John
16. Geoff Harrision
17. Brian Harrision
18. Doug Wheeler
19. Ray Beattie
20. Luke Tyrrell
21. Pete Hopkins

Please reserve your place as quickly as possible and let others know about the event. A high resolution poster is available to download below suitable for printing.

Tire Car Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting


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Hi everybody.

We would love you to visit our lovely Island for our event on July 21/22 for the Manx Round of the Slot Rally GB.

Here are most options available to everybody.

If someone wants to take on the hiring of a Minibus etc that would be a great way to get a crowd over.

We appreciate the expense involved, but it is the same for us when we come over so bare a thought!

If you are hoping to attend most rounds of the Championship this could be an easy way to gain some valuable points!!!

Accomodation costs are on this thread so check them out. We have the very kind use of the room at the Glen Helen Hotel for setting up our tracks etc, plus the excellent dining facilities and bar, and bar, and bar! If accomodation costs come down, further details will be posted here.

Any enquiries please post slotcarmann, spangy46, 911tt for any further details. Thanks.


Ferry Options

Option 1 - 1 Foot Passenger £45.00 each

Heysham > Isle of Man
Saturday, 21 April 2012
12:00 (dep) - 14:00 (arr)

Isle of Man > Liverpool
Sunday, 22 April 2012
15:00 (dep) - 17:45 (arr)

Option 2 Car + 4 Persons £296.00 / 4 = £74.00

Heysham > Isle of Man
Saturday, 21 April 2012
12:00 (dep) - 14:00 (arr)

Isle of Man > Liverpool
Sunday, 22 April 2012
15:00 (dep) - 17:45 (arr)

Option 3 (2 nights) + 4 Persons £274.00 / 4 = £68.50

Heysham > Isle of Man
Saturday, 21 April 2012
12:00 (dep) - 14:00 (arr)

Isle of Man > Liverpool
Monday, 23 April 2012
15:00 (dep) - 17:45 (arr

Option 4 Minibus + 8 Persons £476.00 £59.50

Minibus averages £300.00 + £100.00 fuel for weekend = £50.00 each so total approx £110.00

Heysham > Isle of Man
Saturday, 21 April 2012
12:00 (dep) - 14:00 (arr)

Isle of Man > Liverpool
Sunday, 22 April 2012
15:00 (dep) - 17:45 (arr)

Flight Options

Birmingham to IOM (Flybe) £131.98

Departing Sat 21 Apr 2012
Depart 08:50 Arrive 09:45
Birmingham ‭(BHX)‬ to Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬
Fare 21.50 GBP
Taxes and Charges 34.78 GBP
Check In 0.00 GBP

Coming back
Sun 22 Apr 2012
Depart 19:55 Arrive 20:50
Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬ to Birmingham ‭(BHX)‬
Fare 31.50 GBP
Taxes and Charges 36.20 GBP

Bristol to IOM (Flybe) 5 nights! £111.98 mini break, bring a partner?
Thu 19 Apr 2012
Depart 13:45 Arrive 14:40
Bristol ‭(BRS)‬ to Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬
Fare 8.61 GBP
Taxes and Charges 47.26 GBP

Coming back
Tue 24 Apr 2012
Depart 12:25 Arrive 13:20
Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬ to Bristol ‭(BRS)‬
Fare 13.61 GBP
Taxes and Charges 34.50 GBP

Liverpool to IOM (Flybe) £77.98

Sat 21 Apr 2012
Depart 08:15 Arrive 08:55
Liverpool ‭(LPL)‬ to Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬
Fare 2.94 GBP
Taxes and Charges 37.60 GBP

Coming back
Sun 22 Apr 2012
Depart 18:50 Arrive 19:30
Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬ to Liverpool ‭(LPL)‬
Fare 0.00 GBP
Taxes and Charges 29.44 GBP

Gatwick to IOM (flybe) £159.98

Sat 21 Apr 2012
Depart 08:55 Arrive 10:20
London Gatwick ‭(LGW)‬ to Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬
Fare 32.89 GBP
Taxes and Charges 35.70 GBP

Coming back
Sun 22 Apr 2012
Depart 17:45 Arrive 19:05
Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬ to London Gatwick ‭(LGW)‬
Fare 42.89 GBP
Taxes and Charges 40.50

Luton to IOM 3 nights (flybe) £118.48

Fri 20 Apr 2012
Depart 13:40 Arrive 14:50
London Luton ‭(LTN)‬ to Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬
Fare 30.43 GBP
Taxes and Charges 35.52 GBP

Coming back
Mon 23 Apr 2012
Depart 12:05 Arrive 13:15
Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬ to London Luton ‭(LTN)‬
Fare 8.93 GBP
Taxes and Charges 35.60 GBP

Manchester to IOM (flybe) £110.99
Sat 21 Apr 2012
Depart 08:25 Arrive 09:10
Manchester ‭(MAN)‬ to Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬
Fare 2.86 GBP
Taxes and Charges 37.07 GBP

Coming back
Sun 22 Apr 2012
Depart 18:40 Arrive 19:30
Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬ to Manchester ‭(MAN)‬
Fare 27.86 GBP
Taxes and Charges 35.20 GBP

Jersey to IOM! £192.56 ! (Flybe)
Sat 21 Apr 2012
Depart 07:00 Arrive 13:00
Jersey ‭(JER)‬ to Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬
Fare 37.39 GBP
Taxes and Charges 44.64 GBP

Coming back
Mon 23 Apr 2012
Depart 06:50 Arrive 12:15
Isle of Man ‭(IOM)‬ to Jersey ‭(JER)‬
Fare 32.39 GBP
Taxes and Charges 70.14 GBP

Leeds and Cardiff flights no dates yet available online.

Easy Jet Flights
Liverpool to Isle of Man
Dep Sat, 21 April 2012 13:20
Arr Sat, 21 April 2012 14:00
Flight 635
1 Adult
1 x £25.99
Hurry! Only 1 left under £26.00

Isle of Man to Liverpool
Dep Sun, 22 April 2012 17:50
Arr Sun, 22 April 2012 18:30
Flight 636
1 Adult
1 x £24.99
Hurry! Only 2 left under £25.00
Total flights and options for all passengers:
Admin Fee
1 x £9.00

London City Airport to IOM Aer Arann

Sat, 21 Apr, 2012
09:15 London City Airport
10:40 Isle of Man (IOM)

17:40 Isle of Man (IOM)
19:00 London City Airport

Total 206.23 ouch!

Gloucester to IOM (Manx2)

NM603 21 April 2012 GLOUCESTER/CHELTENHAM ISLE OF MAN 10:40 11:45
Your flight is scheduled to be flown on a Dornier 228 aircraft operated by FLM Aviation.

NM610 22 April 2012 ISLE OF MAN GLOUCESTER/CHELTENHAM 15:45 16:50


Blackpool to IOM £129.99 approx Manx 2
NM103 21 April 2012 BLACKPOOL ISLE OF MAN 08:25 09:05
Your flight is scheduled to be flown on a Let 410 aircraft operated by Van Air Europe.

NM118 22 April 2012 ISLE OF MAN BLACKPOOL 18:00 18:40
Good luck.
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Thanks Martyn

I am at club tonight and will confirm any accomodation details on SF shortly, watch this space!

Phil, if anybody lays on a minibus I will let you know.

Thanks again Martyn.

Rooms at the Glen Helen Hotel are only £55.00 for a twin or double room.

The owner of the Glen Helen Hotel gave up the chance of having a wedding there that weekend in favour of supporting our club/event as his son races with us, so we are trying to encourage as many people to stay there overnight or two.... Even some club members are staying overnight so they can have a few drinks and to show our support and thanks to the GH. so please consider the Glen Helen for your stay! For further details check out the Website:

Great food and drink in a beautiful location and a chance to race against the elite Slot racers in the IOM. Ok it's only us lot but it will be fun! Good to have you on board.

Hi Phil

Found this on the Web, any good to you, or anybody else from your club?

Out:.06:24 (Sat 21 Apr)
Abergavenny (AGV) to Douglas (Isle Of Man) (DGS) Arrive Douglas 1400
3 change(s)
Return:.15:00 (Sun 22 Apr)
Douglas (Isle Of Man) (DGS) to Abergavenny (AGV) Arrive Abergavenny 2328
3 change(s)

Only £98.50. Sounds like a bargain to me!
Thanks Martyn.

That would be great if you could bring Phil assuming you take the car, much appreciated.

That's great news phil, thanks for your support. See you next Sunday.
Further to the details on how to get to the Isle of Man round on the Manx Rally SF, Oxford Airport now run flights to the IOM via
Also there is some very good pricing options on Sail& Rail as well via the Steam Packet which are worth enquiring about if you want to gain some valuable points for the Championship.
And you have to wind up the rubber band propeller before take off as well!
Pushing it a bit I think Martyn as hoping to be under way by 4pm but depending on entries, might be ok. It's up to Dave C & Co really, but will let you know for def by Friday.
Well done on your results at Wolves!
Hi Martyn

It could just about be done if you would rather fly, let's hope the flight is not delayed, always a possibility......

We can get some groups started earlier that are already here and put you on last. We have six tracks and will run six on the Saturday afternoon, early evening, itinery to follow.

Let us know what you decide so we can arrange transport for you.

Gareth is unable to make it now due to work commitments so one less for you to beat!

You have massively improved since Wales in November, so you now have a target on your back.......

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Any pics of the Ninco track then Martyn?

Hi Dave

Gareth confirmed this week he is unable to make it due to work commitments sadly and I don't know of anybody else coming up from your area. The Sail & Rail deals are great value, worth phoning Steam Racket to get a quote.

Martyn & Phil B coming up from Wales by train mefinks, Russell not sure where he is coming from, Luke I think Oxford way, Wayne and his wife coming over on the Wednesday before (short break).

Be good to have you on board, you might be able to make amends on being beaten by Steve M on your own circuit at Wolves by competing on his home turf!

Definitely fantastic chance to rack up some valuable points.......

Julian & Dave

Norfolk return roughly just under £100.00
Southampton return just under return £120.00.

Prices from Trainline but might be cheaper from Steam Racket, telephone...01624 661661.

Both catch the 1400 from Heysham on the Saturday and return Sunday afternoon. You could always come a day earlier or stay a day later? PM me for further details.

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Yes John, proxy entries are welcome.

Send cars to Dave probably be best, unless you know one of those going....


Does have anybody know a particular shade of paint that would be effective for my expanding foam that is going behind the hairpins on my stage and on the hill climb?

Basically I want it to look like a rock face, possibly going to sprinkle dried grass and heather on it, will try it, to see how it looks but need a base colour. A light grey I was thinking. We have a B&Q over here so I can get a shade mixed up if anybody knows a suitable colour please.

The board & boarders are matt black offset with small pine trees, hay bales and small rocks etc for contrast and because of the length of the track I cannot do all of it, so concentrating mainly on the run up between the two hairpins and main climb.

Any ideas would be welcome.


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Hi Phil

I have a Ninco Scorer, plus the DS200 Lap timer, but if you have the space Phil I don't think we can have too many but will check what the other guys have got and let you know late Thursday night if not before.

Thanks for the offer.

We live in the past on the IOM so a cheque seems about right!

Let's hope no Hot Air balloons over Birmingham on Saturday morning...........

Two Lap timers will be great please, Phil.

Luke, Steve will bring his spare and I have one as well.

Phil B, thanks for bringing Lap timers.

My paint is drying on Tholt -y- Will as we speak.....who's idea was this to make a hill climb? Oh bugger, it was me..........

Pooil Vaash is a quarry and coming from Mike B won't be easy!

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