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Manx Rally - Isle of Man

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In association with Manx Slot Car Club, SlotrallyGB is proud to announce the third round of the championship will take place over the weekend of 21st & 22nd April 2012 at the Glen Helen Inn Isle of Man.

This is a weekend (two day) event with rallying on the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. It will also feature some night stages run as a seperate competition over 3 stages with the winner taking the car! We plan to have a social meal at the venue on the Saturday evening.

Stages will be a mixture of Ninco, SCX, Scalextric and routed tracks. Dave Capelen and his fellow club members put on a fantastic event last year with a great relaxed atmosphere. The hotel venue is superb with an excellent bar and great food at very reasonable prices.

Obviously this is a long haul event for most of us, but travel costs and accommodation are not too expensive. Below are a few useful links for travel;

Isle of Mann Airport web site

Web link to airlines who fly to/from.

In addition to flying you may wish to drive and cross via the ferry. Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

As an option, I'm also considering organising a group travel mini bus. Fairly simple concept of hiring a 15 seater mini bus from the Surrey area, driving via Wales, Midlands and Liverpool and then crossing on the ferry. Exact details will need to be trashed out, but expected travel costs would be in the region of £120 per person based on ten traveling together. To help see if this is a workable option could you add a note in your application to attend a note if you are interested. It's probably best to assume traveling on the Friday and Monday. If anyone has access to a cheap/free minibus - let me know.

Accommodation should be booked directly with the venue;

Glen Helen Inn, Glen Helen, Isle of Man (
Tel: Kate, on 01624-666186

Single rooms £40 per night B&B
Double rooms £55 per night B&B
Twin Rooms £55 per night B&B

Mention Slot Rally when you make the booking.

This is the thread to enter this round, please add your name to this thread if you wish to enter.

1. Gareth Jex
2. Dave Capelen
3. Chris Priest
4. Russell Powell
5. Andi Burt
6. David Kneale
7. Ryan Kneale
8. Andy White
9. Wayne Goble
10. Steve Morrow
11. Mike Buss
12. Mike Dove
13. Chris Angold
14. Phil Barry
15. Martyn John
16. Geoff Harrision
17. Brian Harrision
18. Doug Wheeler
19. Ray Beattie
20. Luke Tyrrell
21. Pete Hopkins

Please reserve your place as quickly as possible and let others know about the event. A high resolution poster is available to download below suitable for printing.

Tire Car Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting


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Please add my name to the list, following a discussion at club last night, I`ll be there subject to getting a lift to the ferry with Russell. Had a geat time last year and looking forward to this one.

Cheers - Phil
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I`m really sorry to mess you guys about but I now find that I can`t get a lift to and from the ferry, so reluctantly I will have to withdraw my entry from the event.

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I`ve not heard anything about the minibus, as far as I know Russell will be coming over to you direct from a holiday in Scotland and Phil F and Russ are at a 24 hour event in Italy the previous weekend.

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Thanks Chris, I didn`t know the ferry cost was included in the train fare, when I checked last year the cost was sky high. Anyway I`ve booked my room with Kate and will sort out train ticket. Looking forward to a pint of Okells.

Cheers - Phil
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Well I`ve booked fri/sat/sun at the Inn, so it`ll be 12.00 sailing on friday and return 08.45 monday as we did last year, it made a good break instead of rushing off on sunday afternoon. No difference in the train or ferry times or fares between friday and saturday.

Last year it was cheaper to leave Russ` car at Heysham and have the foot passenger crossing and a very kind bloke picked us up at the port.

If Martyn does decide to take a car I`ll be happy to share costs

Cheers - Phil
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QUOTE (snurfen @ 26 Mar 2012, 22:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Edit*** or better still , let those who have gone to the effort of going over drive the proxy entries.

That`s alright Martyn we got to drive them last year
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So whose going to run theirs as course car then?

Lets have another look at Chris` video from last year to get us in the mood

Cheers - Phil
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If you are stuck we can bring two (maybe three) N Scorers from Wye valley. (Will need batteries

Cheers - Phil
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QUOTE (Spangy46 @ 17 Apr 2012, 16:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Two Lap timers will be great please, Phil.


Will do.
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I know it`s a busy time for you all, but has anyone got any more stage pics?

What`s Pooil Vaaish? Quarry or airfield?

Cheers - Phil
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So 24 hours to go, I`m packed, just five stages practice tonight. Russell and I will be on the noon ferry and hopefully have a speedier crossing than last year,
with less guinness on the bar floor this time!

Cheers - Phil
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Will do, many thanks Dave. If there`s anything we can help with when we get there..........

Cheers - Phil
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Andi Burt on Pooil Vaaish

Andy White on the Manx Hillclimb

Chris Angold on the tricky Groudle Glenn

Dave Capelen on Pooil Vaaish

Luke Tyrrell attacking the Glencrutchery Road stage.

Chris Preist on his Manx Hillclimb creation.

Wayne Goble on Druidale stage

Russells inspired "quick fix" for a broken throttle cable.

The crucial bit of Chris Angolds Tholt-Y-Will stage.

Twenty eight people for the rally dinner at the Glen Helen Inn

Sunday, Ryan on Pooil Vaaish.

Lukes Ferrari on Lukes Leap, part of the Manx Hillclimb.

Wye Valley spoils. L-R Rusells third in 80`s. Phil B`s second in Modified and first in Classic and Martyns second in Classic.

Some pics from me, sorry about the fuzzy ones, I had the camera on the wrong setting.

I can only echo Martyn (wot `e said) we had a fabulous time, treated like royalty, welcomed as old friends, ferried to and from port (fast smooth crossing both ways) and airport. Had a great new, varied selection of stages to run on, superb organisation, great food and reasonably priced drinks.

I can only urge more Slot Rally GB regulars to go and sample this event, you won`t be disappointed.

Next year (Oh yes, there will be a next year) I need more time there to visit old haunts on the Island.

Gentlemen - Gura mie mooar ayd

Cheers - Phil
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