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Manx Rally - Isle of Man

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In association with Manx Slot Car Club, SlotrallyGB is proud to announce the third round of the championship will take place over the weekend of 21st & 22nd April 2012 at the Glen Helen Inn Isle of Man.

This is a weekend (two day) event with rallying on the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. It will also feature some night stages run as a seperate competition over 3 stages with the winner taking the car! We plan to have a social meal at the venue on the Saturday evening.

Stages will be a mixture of Ninco, SCX, Scalextric and routed tracks. Dave Capelen and his fellow club members put on a fantastic event last year with a great relaxed atmosphere. The hotel venue is superb with an excellent bar and great food at very reasonable prices.

Obviously this is a long haul event for most of us, but travel costs and accommodation are not too expensive. Below are a few useful links for travel;

Isle of Mann Airport web site

Web link to airlines who fly to/from.

In addition to flying you may wish to drive and cross via the ferry. Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

As an option, I'm also considering organising a group travel mini bus. Fairly simple concept of hiring a 15 seater mini bus from the Surrey area, driving via Wales, Midlands and Liverpool and then crossing on the ferry. Exact details will need to be trashed out, but expected travel costs would be in the region of £120 per person based on ten traveling together. To help see if this is a workable option could you add a note in your application to attend a note if you are interested. It's probably best to assume traveling on the Friday and Monday. If anyone has access to a cheap/free minibus - let me know.

Accommodation should be booked directly with the venue;

Glen Helen Inn, Glen Helen, Isle of Man (
Tel: Kate, on 01624-666186

Single rooms £40 per night B&B
Double rooms £55 per night B&B
Twin Rooms £55 per night B&B

Mention Slot Rally when you make the booking.

This is the thread to enter this round, please add your name to this thread if you wish to enter.

1. Gareth Jex
2. Dave Capelen
3. Chris Priest
4. Russell Powell
5. Andi Burt
6. David Kneale
7. Ryan Kneale
8. Andy White
9. Wayne Goble
10. Steve Morrow
11. Mike Buss
12. Mike Dove
13. Chris Angold
14. Phil Barry
15. Martyn John
16. Geoff Harrision
17. Brian Harrision
18. Doug Wheeler
19. Ray Beattie
20. Luke Tyrrell
21. Pete Hopkins

Please reserve your place as quickly as possible and let others know about the event. A high resolution poster is available to download below suitable for printing.

Tire Car Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting


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Looks pretty much like I will be on the train now Dave. Mrs having great trouble getting her shifts changed :0( She'd love come over and meet you folks.

Will be sorting out plans with Phil on thursday and then you guys on Sunday at Wolves.
OK Martyn, see you guys next Sunday to finalise details. Cheers, Dave
Looks like i'm going to have to look at options for coming by myself, has anyone used the before? they must be little planes at a little airport haha!

And you have to wind up the rubber band propeller before take off as well!
QUOTE (zero5 @ 13 Mar 2012, 17:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>There's pedals between the seats Luke

It wouldn't suprise me!

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Flights are booked!

Add me to the list
Luke Tyrrell - Same cars as before

Hopefully i can sort my dog of an impreza out before this round!
Guys, I've got the option of flying, but I wouldn't arrive till 3.50 on the Saturday afternoon.Would that be too late?
Pushing it a bit I think Martyn as hoping to be under way by 4pm but depending on entries, might be ok. It's up to Dave C & Co really, but will let you know for def by Friday.
Well done on your results at Wolves!
Hi Martyn

It could just about be done if you would rather fly, let's hope the flight is not delayed, always a possibility......

We can get some groups started earlier that are already here and put you on last. We have six tracks and will run six on the Saturday afternoon, early evening, itinery to follow.

Let us know what you decide so we can arrange transport for you.

Gareth is unable to make it now due to work commitments so one less for you to beat!

You have massively improved since Wales in November, so you now have a target on your back.......

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Cheers Chris, that'll mean I can leave the house about 8 hours later!

I'll get the tickets and hotel booked this afternoon.

My secret to getting better times? Find a slower car. Seriously. Anything tasty I can't drive. Lovely old soft plodders and it fits my skill level more. Think I might experiment with differnet resistance controllers to see if I can handle those slightly faster cars.

We had a great night at Aberstone last night, ran 5 stages. The Ninco track Chris B put together was brilliant - had a "traverse of peril" loop on it. Fantastic fun.

Will keep you posted onthe bookings front, thanks again, Martyn
Hi All,

In the absence of Gareth, I will volunteer myself to do timing duty etc if that helps and no one has any objections, I can have a laptop with me for the two days and when I did the club round I actually found I enjoyed it!


Flight back to Brizzul is full, so changed to Birmingham.

arrive IoM Saturday 09:45, so no worries about rushing to get around the stages in good time!

Might be a case of wearing all my clothes to get on the plane, the cars will be my baggage allowance!

EDIT** Good effort Ryan
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QUOTE (knealer @ 23 Mar 2012, 15:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi All,
In the absence of Gareth, I will volunteer myself to do timing duty etc if that helps and no one has any objections, I can have a laptop with me for the two days and when I did the club round I actually found I enjoyed it!

Thanks Ryan

A little nearer the time - i will send you the excel master sheet to make it easier.

Sorry to all for once again (AEC) allowing work to get in the way of slot rally.

I will get the limited edition Teamslot Lancia Delta's sent over to Dave for those that want one. (a seperate thread will be opened soon to make reservations).
Any pics of the Ninco track then Martyn?

Right then, I'm in with a chance of breaking a deal. Or at least negotiations have started. Cost obviously has to be taken into account, so who is willing to share a lift?
The only person I know straight off that is going from this area is Gareth, not sure how much room you've got though?
I don't think Gareth is going, I'd love to go but I live nowhere near you, and definitely not between Hampshire and the Isle of Man
Thanks Julian.

He's on the list on page one.
Hi Dave

Gareth confirmed this week he is unable to make it due to work commitments sadly and I don't know of anybody else coming up from your area. The Sail & Rail deals are great value, worth phoning Steam Racket to get a quote.

Martyn & Phil B coming up from Wales by train mefinks, Russell not sure where he is coming from, Luke I think Oxford way, Wayne and his wife coming over on the Wednesday before (short break).

Be good to have you on board, you might be able to make amends on being beaten by Steve M on your own circuit at Wolves by competing on his home turf!

Definitely fantastic chance to rack up some valuable points.......

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