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I have perused the maplin store in wrexham today only to have what i bought confiscated when i got home for the purpose of birthday prezzies!!! can you believe it?

anyway, I bought a soldering iron/station thing for £10 adjustable heat, 160-450 degrees I think it was so thats good, and the tip is like a pin point so my soldering should be better now :-D

then I picked up a gas torch for £5 bargain, uses lighter things to work on, that was confiscated too

and while I was there I noticed a rotary tool with a few bits and peices for £15 looked like VFM :-D for any of you on a budget or looking for a replacement maybe? If you are going near a store there is a thin catalogue "Volt Value" by the door, pick one up and browse through, you will see the stuff.

somehow one was posted to me having not signed up for anything
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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