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Maralic has announced a range of Dakar trucks modelled on the five vehicles of the Team De Rooy that raced in the 2012 Dakar.

The trucks were driven by Pep Vila, Hans Stacey, Miki Biasion, Jon Adua & 2012 Dakar truck winner Gerard De Rooy.

The vehicles are moulded in resin, with a complete set of photo-etched detail parts (grills, headlight protectors, etc.). Each truck is an exact replica of of the one raced, matching not only the liveries and sponsor logos, but also variations in body.

Mechanical parts of the models are supplied by Avant Slot which are proven in racing conditions.

To start off the range, Maralic is developing a new series of high quality kits, the first that of French driver Jo Adua (truck #518), and the second of ex-rally driver Miki Biasion (truck #511). These kits contain the required parts to complete the vehicle like a RTR, including photo-etched plates, decals, lights, etc.

These kits can be purchased with or without mechanical parts. They are made in a limited series of 50 for each model.

The Pep Vila Iveco (truck #515) will be available as a fully finished car (RTR) also in a limited series of 50 models and is presented in an elegant case.

Finally there is also the option to acquire a diorama which includes the five vehicles of the team De Rooy, at the moment are the four already mentioned, leaving a gap for the winner of the event which will be available later this year (truck #502).

In the near future, there will be a competition version of these trucks equipped with lightweight bodywork, and PSR chassis.

More information:

I've requested some details on pricing and availability - I'll update this post when it comes.

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I am sure these won't be cheap so it is a shame that the bright green motor is visible on one side of the truck.

For collectors not drivers I think. (Isn't a shame that some slot vehicles never see a track?)


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