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I think this is the right forum to talk about old slot markets, such as Vic (Barcelona) 18.3.2012, and if not please ask the moderators to relocate it in the right place.

I will go to Vic market every year, but this time I have no table, because this year I'd rather be free to enjoy taking pictures (I'll try posting some here), talking with fans, etc..

In any case I make changes, so if anyone is interested I can take with me a backpack and schedule changes in advance.

I frame material to exchange the following brands:
Airfix / MRRC, Aurora / K & B, Carrera Universal, Eldon, Highways Ledy, Fleischmann Auto-Rallye, Georg Grötsch, Ites, Plastic Industries Jugarama, Jye car, Lindberg Lionel Corporation, Marx, Plastimarx, Miniamil, Joma, Monogram, OK Kader , Prefo, Revell, Scalextric_Inglaterra, Scalextric_Francia, Scalextric_España, Speedking, Strombecker, Mont Blanc Strombecker, Strombecker-Paya, Super Shells, Tokyo Plamo, Troby, VIP.

Besides local fans have seen that they will go Steve Cannon, Steve Vickers, Roger Barker and Mark Scale.

If someone wants to say something I think is the right post.
If anyone is interested please send me a private message.

see you later
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