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I race at two clubs West London and Nascot Wood and its fair to say the standard of marshalling at both leaves a lot to be desired.
West London has a fairly elderly membership and this definitely impacts on the standard of marshalling but its never to late to improve.
Nascot Wood has a far younger membership and you would think the standard would be better but in all honesty it isnt much.

What are the main problems :
1. Total lack of focus on the job at hand.
2. Talking to the next Marshall
3. Looking at their phone during the race
4 Standing too far from the corner and having to step forward to marshal
5. Watching the race.

Tips on marshalling
1. Stand close to your corner, not two steps away.
2. Concentrate, know which car should go on first if its a two or three car accident. The rule of thumb is the car that causes the accident goes on last, getting this wrong really frustrates drivers.
3. Put your phone away.
4. Dont talk to other marshals.

Tips for drivers :
1. Have a guide that centres. Nothing worse for a marshal than a guide that sticks to one side.
2. Put plenty of colour tape on your car identifying the lane you are in.
3. Know your marshals, we can all identify which ones are good and which bad. If the corner has a dodgy on it just go a tad slower around it, every off will cost you at least two seconds probably more.

Hope the above makes people think about their marshalling and keeps bad feeling to a minimum.

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