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Maserati tipo151/3, the Drogo coupe

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Another beautiful loser (sometimes called tipo152).

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Tire Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle

Photos are from leMans -64.

If anybody should be interested, the full story of these cars can be read here:

I don't really trust the plan view I have found on the web, but you can find plenty of period photos.

The lime wood shell is made much the same way as I did the Maser Zagato 450s coupe last year, so no need for an endless build thread again.

We can move on a little quicker, at least for a start...

Some pics of the work so far.

Hood Car Wood Motor vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Toy Vehicle

Automotive lighting Hood Toy Motor vehicle Car

Table Food Wood Hardwood Gas

I am going for the cut up version with a "skylight", not the alu-silver prototype.

This is where I am at present.

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Toy

Car Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Tire

Very soon I will have to take a break. I need to figure out how to go about with the curved windscreen.

I don't do vac forming, it would take me long to build a former and learn how to.

It would also take long to cut up 684 PET-bottles trying to find the right shape...

Any idea or advice?

Cheers Carver


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You could be really creative and do like that last picture!
Hello Carver,

.....what a cinema you showed us up to now.....and I am looking forward to see next worksteps.........

The way how you develop this -Maserati- project is more than fantastic and I admire your intensity to get all right in shape............

in one word : chapeaux !


ps: avoid to do the # 12 version from ´65, please
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Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

The body has bee lowered to a better height, the profile is looking better.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

After a layer of white primer it was obvious that it is to wide. I have narrowed it some 3-4 mm. Yes, I have a caliper.

Automotive lighting Wood Fashion accessory Metal Font

More sanding and it came out like this.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Toy Hood



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Here are a couple of photos of the car as it appeared at the 2015 Goodwood Revival. As has been said, Carver's model looks spot on and certainly captures the feel of the car perfectly.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

I hope these help.




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Yes, ain't that a beauty!

But to be honest, I try not to look at it too much!

That one recreates the #12 car above that was somewhat different from the one I try to model, e.g. the front is more smooth and rounded...

Compare to the -64 incarnation:

Car Vehicle Tire Wheel Hood

But lucky those who were at Goodwood -15!

Cheers Carver


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And it does not help that these bodies were almost certainly hand hammered over wooden bucks and thus are probably not perfectly symmetrical.

Some rounds later, going through most of it again...

Tire Land vehicle Wheel Car Vehicle

Car Automotive design Wood Automotive exterior Auto part

... we now have a basic shape.

Wheel Tire Car Motor vehicle Vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood Car

Wheel Tire Vehicle Hood Car

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

If something looks all wrong please let me know, things can still be changed.

Back to the wheelbase issue once again.

I look at Maserati dimensions as someone else may look at religion: You got to have something to believe in!

Here is my latest theory. I have seen stated that the Drogo chassis was extended 2 inches when it was built.

It is also said that it was further extended (not specified) for the 1965 season. I would suggest another 50mm, then we end up at 2400 mm just as the Goodwood car is.

So correct wheel base for the red -64 should be 2350, in scale 73,5 mm... Doesn't that makes sense? Just by coincident
my car has ended up 74 mm. So now I am a believer!

Anyway, I am sure my model has larger deviations than that somewhere else.

Cheers Carver


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The shape looks spot on to me but then it looked good before. We have all discussed accuracy versus capturing the essence before. You have the essence. The wheelbase is now 1mm less than mine. We have agreed what we believe to be the right one.

I think you should now forget all that stuff and show us the finished car in all its glory.
Don't worry Gordon, the wheel base does not haunt me at night..

Cheers Carver
For those who are interested, there is a very good article about the big Maser in a French magazine called Autodiva number 33 (last quarter of 2017)

Seems to be an interesting magazine. Why can't I read French?

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Wheel Tire Toy Automotive tire Blue

I have made another basic pop sickle/lolly stick chassis. This time also using some small brass pieces.

Wheel Tire Toy Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

This is my first trial making spray masked stripes, a little touch up work needed.

Can anybody with more experience of this tell me how to go about with the ridges along the tape borders/edges?

Cheers Carver


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Cut the edges of the masking tape with a straight edge and very sharp knife, it stops the paint bleeding under the edge

I believe that you now mask the stripes, then spray the rest of the car this in theory should bring it all up to the same level .Then clear lacquer it all and polish . Hope this makes sense Regards Steve
Thanks for input, but I am not sure I've made myself quite understood. Unfortunately there was no chapter about spray painting in my English schoolbook years ago...

The bleeding is not the main problem and the surface, I think, will level with some clear coats and polishing. What I mean is this: When I mask and then spray, a small "wall" or "lip" is built up against the thin edge of the tape and stands straight up when removing the tape. This I want to remove.

I will now let it dry and harden, but then? Should I first clear coat and then polish? Or first polish? Or do something completely different?

Sorry for lacking knowledge in English, they really ought to change those schoolbooks!

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Erh...I just found what I was looking for in "Scratch Building 101". I will rub it down.

I wish that I had seen this thread earlier. The Maserati Tipo 151/3 is a favorite of mine along with the Ferrari 330 P4. I did the Maserati in HO scale back in the sixties based on an article by Jonathan Thompson published in Model Car&Track. The car was called a 5000 GT in that article. The line drawing from that article was included in an earlier post. Unfortunately the HO car was stolen a long time ago. Someone was selling a 1/32nd scale resin version of the body, I should have ordered one when I had the chance.
I wish that I had seen this thread earlier.
I make progress very slowly, I wouldn't say you are late for the party.

Sorry about the stolen car, but at least it goes to show that someone else liked it. Make a new one!

Btw: The model car&track drawings are nice and useful for a start, but many of them should not be relied on too much, I only trust factory drawings.

Nowadays we have got the internet, some trawling has given me >50 pics of the original ( not reconstructions ) that helps to get a fair view of the car.

It is strange, as far as I know there is no reasonably accurate 1/32 version of this nice car available.

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