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Massive Landmark for SlotForum

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Sometime tomorrow SlotForum should reach a massive landmark.

As I write this, the forum has had 999,940 posts.

Tomorrow, we should make it past the million.
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Hi Jason, Woopee. And so it should cos it's absolutely brilliant.
Bryan B.
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Well look a that will you we are going into the 2nd millenial
Congrats to all of the members and especially those who have been here since day one.
Where might a mortal view the progress of this statistic?
Anyone can view this at the foot of the homepage.

Perhaps posts should be like supermarket carrier bags, charged at 5p each.
There'd be a lot less waste then.

Well done Conti, you're now a SF legend.

You nearly made your 1000th post SFs millionth.
Andi has long been part history, part myth. ;) Congrats on the milestone.
Sorry but I just couldn't resist when I saw how close we were on the train this morning!!

I'll give 25p to charity for you David!

Only two to go for me... Can I resist?
Hi Jason, When you consider that the one million posts probably represent only a very tiny fraction of the actual hits or reads that have taken place on the forum it is heart warming to realise the our hobby sport is still very healthy and well and in no way in decline. The hit number could well be several million. Bryan B.
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Yes, that's true.

There are often 4 or 5 times more guests than members on the forum.
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