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My favourite period of F1 is 1967 - 1980. I have quite a long list of "to do" projects and sometimes they have to come in pairs. Off the (scaley) shelf I like my Jim Clark Lotus 49 and Dan Gurney Eagle Weslake. I have previously "built" Ronnie Peterson's Lotus 72E and Jackie Stewart's Tyrrell 006. I started this project probably a year ago (!). The aim .......

The result.....(not anywhere close to some of the exceptional quality results I have seen on SlotForum, but it looks quite realistic from a distance when running)

It started as a Scaley Siffert Lotus 49 and got numerous source pictures & scale drawings.

Donnington pix
Internet pix pix

The modification list : -

Italics haven't made the build (yet).
Magnet out
Nose - from Charlie Fitz Classic MS10 (GRP); refit L49 radiator grill inside
Clear windscreen - from Charlie Fitz Betta MS10
Create windscreen inlet (humbrol filler)
Reduce front track
New 6 (5) spoke wheels/tyres (Fly Classic 908/3) - glue & true;
Paint wheels to simulate MS10
Lower front suspension pickup points
Fit new lower wishbones
Front wishbone rocker arm
Front wishbone aerofoil
Nose strake fins
Wing mirrors attachments
Side monocoque water & oil pipes - left & right sides
Driver position lower
JYS helmet - tartan, large clear visor, chin cup, no peak
Head rest
Rear wing ''lattice''
Rear wing & endplates
Roll hoop - reverse from Lotus 49
DECALS!! (?Matra Simca logo - vv small?)
Lead ballast - (No space anywhere!!)
Gearbox gubbins,Tape upper rear radius rods
Paint - French Blue

I have a few pictures of the more difficult bits of the build which I will try and post over the next few days. I am however always quite busy with work, family, house etc but I will try and answer any questions as we go as soon as I can , but please be a little patient with me.


Tony Condon
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good effort ,nice replica of a classic car in a classic race

cheers tony

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Thanks for the comments it keeps me inspired to do more.

There were a few "why did I start this bl***y project" moments.

Particularly difficult bits: -

Dropping the lower front wishbones. The Lotus 49 has very high lower front wishbones, whereas the MS10 has much lower (normal) ones.

The rear wing however drove me to distraction!!! The aerofoil was easy enough (plasticard) but it had to be positioned accurately in all 6 dimensions at once. Longitudinal, lateral, vertical, pitch angle, roll angle = 0, yaw angle = 0. All on a spiderwork of thin wire. I ended up making jigs to hold various parts in roughly the right position while other bits glued.

Due to its obvious fragility I thought I could attach it with some dabs of silicone sealant for a tiny bit of flexibility and give. Unfortunately when I needed to disassemble the car it broke off and destroyed itself due to the chassis twisting. So another whole wing assembly required!! ARGH!!! This time I went for proper mounting holes to drop the 4 ends of the lattice into. It can now be removed easily before car servicing commences.

Front fins. Give me strength. Tiny wafers of plasticard. Similar mounting problems to the rear wing, but had to be suspended in mid air. Solution was to create a (filler) shelf under each fin (out of sight) but this had to be first butted up against the exact location of the fin on the side of the nose so it would glue on adequately later. Another jig required.

When the filler set, the fin was araldited on with the same jig. Obviously left & right had to be a mirror image. And yes, the fins did glue themselves to the jig!! And yes, they did keep falling off at the first few attempts!!

An easy bit next? Magnet out, lead in. Err just where exactly is the lead going to go?? Absolutely no space at all.

Same problem as "On magnets and weights in slot cars" by Andrew Rowland. See Resources page. Towards the end of the article - Lotus 49T.

With some help from Colin Chapman inspiration I think, the lead became the chassis. I completely removed as much of the bottom of the chassis as I could (recognising I needed a rear weight bias so I could not go too far forward with the lead).

Then inserted the lead to become the chassis.
Then I glued on a second layer of Pendles lead sheet underneath that. Total 13g I think. Good ground clearance of the original Scaley L49 (for the button magnet) was the saviour. Obviously the lead was very low down indeed, so expectation of good handling.

It actually drives really quite nicely with smooth progressive drifting possible.

I think that is enough of my woes for the time being. But in the end, when sliding it around the track, it does look and feel worth the effort.



n.b. I started out by saying I liked replicating iconic pairs of classic F1 cars. While JYS won the 1968 German GP by an astonishing 4 mins 3.2 secs, someone eventually came in second.............

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Thanks once again for all the positive comment.

Hill's Lotus 49B has been started and technically it should be a lot easier (I hope). The difficult bit at the moment is matching the red of the Gold Leaf Team Lotus livery. There seems to be a lot of variation across all the picture sources I have (books, internet etc), from quite deep red to almost orange!!!!

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