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MAXi Models Ford 'J' type

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Not a huge amount of exciting news lately- so here's today's snippet.
Maxi-Models' Ford 'J' type

Only 75 to be produced as RTR, with 150 over all.
Pre-orders taken at Official Dealers for delivery in 3-5 weeks
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sweet car!

I've been watching its development on the maxi models site. Seems our friend Adrian Norman (of Scalextric) has some hand in this operation...

Here's the URL for those that don't know it:

BUT @ £199 I just can't justify it. I bought a Racer Ferrari P4 @ £125 and love it, although it was swallow then order...

The Racer has mechanics and runs well which is important to me as none of my slots are shelf queens.

I would be curious for someone who owns one of these Maxi Models to post a review of how these beauts run (in case the lotto comes in!)

Cheers, Ken R
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Sounds fair!

In a couple of weeks, my track conversion over to the 4 lane version will be complete.

Then I will do a full and complete review along with time tests, dimensions, weight, new photos, info about the prototype etc. It will be a Slot Forum exclusive! How's that!?

Until then, here's the link to my Racer page, more of an initial fan endorsement than a true review. Those on SCI may have seen this link before.

My Racer web page


Ken R
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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