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Matt Tucker
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the shaft of my mb slot pinion puller has just sheared off. Couple of questions:

1) I cannot remove the stub that is left in the puller. I have taken out the grub screw but the stub won't budge. Any tips?

2) need to replace the shaft - is there a replacement part that will fit?



rob Wallader
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Hi Matt,
Option 1.
Will a magnett pull it out, try a stack of around three magnetts.
Option 2.
You may have to drill it out. this wont be easy as its hardened steel.
Option 3.
You can also try drilling a very fine hole from th oposite end. once you reach the pin, it should just push out. make sure the new hole is smaller than the existing pin. as when you fit the replacement, it will fall straight through.

Good Luck.

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