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Available from 31/08/2012

MB Slot have released a new line of NYLON pinions, which does not replace the previous ones, but completes the existing range.

As the number of teeth increases with each pinion, the diameter of the pinion also increases, optimising the mesh with the crowns.

The pinions are identified with the following codes:
Item 12108 8T dia 5 mm
Item 12109 9T dia 5.5 mm
Item 12110 10T dia 6 mm
Item 12111 11T dia 6.5 mm
Item 12112 12T dia 7 mm
Item 12113 13T dia 7.5 mm
Item 12114 14T dia 8 mm

Each bag contains 5 pinions with the same number of teeth, while item 12099 contains 1 pinion for each set of teeth, a total of 7 pieces.

As you can note item 12109 has pinions with diameter for cars with in line motor configuration; item 12111 has diameters for sidewinder and anglewinder pinions; and item 12113 has diameters which replace anglewinder lightened metal pinions.

The weight is probably the really important feature, plastic pinions weigh about 1/5 of metal pinions, improving the inertia while speeding up and braking.

The pinion's material has some rigidity, but also flexibility which guarantees a very good fix on the axle.

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