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The weight of the magnesium wheels is similar if not equal to plastic wheels. Magnesium wheels are more easily and quickly assembled, plastic wheels have the advantage of being more flexible. The system you are talking about used in RC in slot becomes expensive and complicated.

What you are looking for is item 01121.
We are working with Pendle to have his stock constantly updated. Next week our website will be also in English.

For Mr M.:
Proslot assembled pinion SW6.5mm which corresponds to our item 12111.

For RICK1776:
The weight for a car performance is the most important thing, above all if the weight turns. This is not useful if you use cars for fun and not to race.

Please test the product before stating.

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for RICK1776
I do not know what to say to convince you.
We did our tests, and pinions work very well.
If you want to send the product to your test.
We do not do math, but track testing with the best drivers
you must remember that you can have the best products in the world, but they must be properly assembled and tested by the best riders to appreciate the differences. Under other conditions, anything goes

for Stoner
The pinion is very hard to be included on drive axle, and also extract, definitely must use a puller and a press.

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