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Art. 19080/12 Copper braid
Art. 08031/12 Braid tin copper

The braids for MB SLOT SLOT CARS improve, in material quality, production and structure. The codes remain the same, with a / 12 to identify the production Art 19080/12 copper braid and Art 08 031/12 tinned copper braid, always composed of copper with a diameter of 0.007.

Why improved?

Because copper is a copper certified. Was increased because the frequency of the plot (step), to ensure consistency with time and wear.

Because they were built with specific machines for the production of small braids, in order to dose the "FORCE" during production to have a braid perfectly linear. Why were passed in special rollers to ensure a constant thickness in hundredths + -0.01 mm. The main difference between the two is represented by the tin-plating of copper in the Art 08 031/12

The tin coating increases the thickness of the braid 0.23 mm compared to 0.21 of Art 19080/12 consequently increases the elasticity and rigidity. The choice between one and the other is the type of travel, life, car, track where you will use. This course is at the discretion of the pilot, although we can say better suited for endurance race Art.08031/12 brushes, preferring the length to thickness.

The thicknesses given above are those of production, skill is wanting with patience, with a small hammer and becoming a small blacksmith, you can get lower thicknesses and widths slightly above the standard 3.7 mm. As in the picture width from 0.21 to 0.16 mm for Art 19080/12 and thickness from 0.23 to 0.18 mm for Art 08 031/12 with a width of 3.9 / 4 mm


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is there any research of copper containing less pollution (oxygen free copper) done on sloracing.......waw better conduction, less timeloss in responding to the controller .........I know ,in the audio-world it's a big issue
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