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Mc Steel Industries

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Hi everyone,

today i bought new land with 2 x 1,2m. This area will be place for my new routed track

The theme is an industrial steel factory, build in 1880 - 1910, with only some details

Most place will be needed for the factory halls and worker housing.

The first wall for one of the halls is nearly sawn. i´ll build most of them in this style. Only the office building will be a little bit different.

Here´s the first photo.

updates follow soon, because it´s cold outside here in Germany
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YES I`m back

and hope you enjoy my new project. I try to use new technics and create new details. Windows frames will made of cupper and should be soldered and some others

The fassade is sawn.

This is the art i want to create all halls. Most build with bricks, so i have to drill a lot to make it look like.

And here is the fassade.

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You have an excellent sense of design, Frank.
I look forward to following this development!

By the way (BTW) have there been any developments on the Course sans Entretien lately?

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only a little update,

first 2 walls made in a stone look, the chimney isn´t finished the last stones have to be drilled.

and here are the first details The door in this window was closed long time ago, so they used different stones. I´ll paint them in an other color.

the door frame is borken out and the wall cover ist broken of

sorry for the bad stones on the chimney, i drilled them freehand.
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That is one incredible building - I've seen some similar examples on model railroading sites, but they were kits and didn't have the character or detail of your project. The carving is excellent - I assume you're using a Dremel tool?

Also - you mentioned carving freehand. Alternatively, what do you use as a guide...a straight edge of some sort?
Really great, thanks for posting!
Truly a lovely old building Frank. Even at this early stage.
I love the idea of the steel factory buiding!
What material are you using? The progress is stunning, cannot wait to see further developments

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Thx for your comments boys,



The walls are made of plywood (4mm) also some wooden strips with different Strength and width, balsa wood for the window roundings,- corraguated cardboard for the roof, cable - wire etc for some details.

And here is my work i did today.
The other two walls are milled and glued together.
The first stone paint is done

here is the result
the color looks like orange but it is red

some other colors follow. and the weathering and only some details
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The colour has possibly come up a little even, but other than that it looks good ol' early industrial red brick.

I guess much would depend on the era it was built as the shape of the building is fairly universal and timeless. But early industrial brick usually had a lot of colour variation through it as the clay wasn't refined well and temperature control and atmosphere in the kilns on firing wasn't particularly even. Usually finish up with lighter patches here and there and some come out almost black where they've been in a reduction pocket in the kiln. Sorry... too much information on bricks.
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Looks pretty nice to me Frank T....
Maybe a buff colored one here and there like a fire brick???
I don't know,just throwing out a suggestion..
QUOTE (Frank T @ 3 Dec 2010, 18:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Windows frames will made of cupper and should be soldered and some others

Stop, don't do that! The cupper will soak into the wood and you'll have to start all over again, use copper instead!
Seriously though, it looks great so far, cant wait to see it when it's finished.
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Yes Frank. Just a bit more than one colour in your base layer. Maybe a touch of yellow ochre or gold oxide. Looks like you base is red oxide so maybe some burnt sienna as well. And even a touch of blue. You don't need distinct transitions in the under colour, just a mish mash blend. I think it would make the brick wall come alive.

I expect you plan some dry brushing over the top of what you have done. Don't forget a tiny bit of sulphur yellow here and there. It's industry after all.

I possibly go a bit over the top on colour for most folks. But the unexpected colours are there in the real thing when you look hard enough. And I very rarely use black. Certainly not straight black. Its usually either very dark blue, green, purple or brown.
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