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thx sig,

also to you and all other members and their families.
May all your wishes come true.

And yes- grime rules

the ore shelter is nearly the last detail at this hall. Only some more little-little-little details

Some pieces are not what i real like,maybe that i change them.
But weathering, ageing and the used look is finished. Took nearly 15-20h.

and here is my next little update
ore shelter and crane shovel

And now i must hurry up to the next hall. Plan is finished in my head. That´s allways the way i create everything.

Hope you like it .
critics are welcome!

No not you embs

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@ Zook

but it´s omly plywood with some drilling, took approx. 10min.


the wires are for light in the crane, the second one for lights in the elevator.

But it ´s a good inspiration, i think i have to think about a motor for the crane

NOOOOOO, that would be too much detailed ?!

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Hi boys,

here´s a new update.

The next building is in work and will become a cooling tower.
Made of plywood and a lot of remainders of balsa.
3 sides remaining, a few tubes and some color and it´s finished.


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And here is the arrangement with the first other buildings.
the upper half is finished, down side is more detailing to make

space needed for these three buildings 1,00x0,60m,-
and i thought 2,2x 1,5 is enough.

Maybe this track will grow in xxxxl dimensions , but i like to built and create buildings and scenery

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QUOTE (Frank T @ 8 Jan 2011, 02:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi boys
I know when I'm not wanted.

Love this photo Frank.

I know exactly what you mean with the building and such. I was having great fun with the track, but felt the temptation to try some structures and there's no room on the track table. Now the garage is nearing completion and about to be placed within its 'backyard' I find myself trying to come up with other excuses to make more buildings. I'm not too sure His Lordship is particularly impressed with the idea.


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Thx for your kind words


this is only an inspiration giving to all of you, hope to see track buildings of you as well

your comments are very welcome

got a lot of tips from you and your work, love that

thank you, Btw, what about MMM2011?

yes i´ve arranged them on a stove. It´s a steel factory, so there must be some heat in there

I´ve placed them only for the photos on there.


the first paintjob is done, some steps. ledders, lights ............
so it nearly finished

Next hall idea is drawn on the plywood and waits to be sawn out.

Said that i want to create the windows of copper or brass, but i decided to make a prototype and built them of resine, hmm
not sure that it will work well. Someone worked with resine, what to consider and so on?

But first some more photos
of my work

the silver covered points at the edges are nuts and in the wires they shall look like turnbuckles

comments, ideas, inspirations changings... like ever are welcome, also your comments Embs

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Next update.

The "steel window frames". It works!!!!!

Wanted to use resine, but found something cheaper and is for static things hard enough. Called Wood moulding material.

first i made a positive prototype form of balsa wood. From this i made a negative with silikone. Not so perfekt
a new one is made and still drying.
The silicone form

And here is the first selfmade frame. looks better as i thought

Most time took the prototype, but the rest was soooo easy to built and spend me a lot of freetime for more important things, details for example
Took from the first cut up here 4hours.

Hope you like it.

Hmm smoke machine
Pssst, lies already in the shelf

max 43 m3/min are enough, what do think?
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