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McLaren M2B

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This is a simple balsa bodyshell I've just carved of Bruce McLaren's 1966 Monaco Grand Prix car that marked the start of his grand prix team.

Vehicle Car Tire Wheel Automotive tire

I only had the wheelbase measurement, a side view photo and a photo from above taken at Monaco to base the carving on so it is more about capturing the impression of the car rather than accuracy. As it is a quick carving I have only hinted at engine detail.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Car

Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Hood

The body is fitted to an Airfix slimline chassis.



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QUOTE (tifosi @ 7 Jul 2012, 21:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Nice job, was that the Serinissama motor?

This was the sleeved down Ford V8 which was every bit as bad as the Serinissama engine they used later in the season...


I forgot to mention that the reason I used balsa was because of the Mallite construction of the original. Robin Herd who designed the car had an aircraft background hence his awareness of the material. They did actually build a conventional space frame prototype of this F1 car to test the mechanicals but the 2B was the first actual grand prix car.

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I have always wanted to build Pete Aron's car for my F1 collection.

You are quite right Mike. There was only one car ever run and Chris Amon never got a drive that year.


Interesting stuff about the M2B and the MGM film, if I may just add a couple of comments.

The two Lotus cars used by MGM as "Yamuras" were both in fact Lotus 25s, chassis numbers R6 and R7 rather than the Lotus 33.

Pete Aron's crash helmet colours were in fact Chris Amon's but reversed.

I was looking for something else in my piles of old stuff yesterday and found this balsa body that I made six years ago, not sure why I had discarded it - anyway I put it back on an Airfix Clubman chassis as it had originally been made for and have had fun running it on my test track.

I have also replaced the photos in this thread as they had been victim of the Photobucket problem.

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