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McLaren M2B

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This is a simple balsa bodyshell I've just carved of Bruce McLaren's 1966 Monaco Grand Prix car that marked the start of his grand prix team.

Vehicle Car Tire Wheel Automotive tire

I only had the wheelbase measurement, a side view photo and a photo from above taken at Monaco to base the carving on so it is more about capturing the impression of the car rather than accuracy. As it is a quick carving I have only hinted at engine detail.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Car

Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Hood

The body is fitted to an Airfix slimline chassis.



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Balsa being very apt for this car as the real ones were made from an aluminum & balsa sandwich called Mallite; an idea that was almost as bad as the Ford V8. The first McLaren (M1) was a very conventional sportscar that had a very good competition record the first single seater (M2) was full of innovation and a disaster - is there a moral there ?


Nice build BTW.
I'd need to watch the film (yet) again to check what appears in the film but I believe there were only 2 M2B's built and Chris Amon was signed to drive the second. During the season I think the car was so unreliable that they were lucky to have one car running (obviously given to Bruce) so I don't think Amon actually started a race that season.

1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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