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Anyone want to swap my Scalextric Sport C2263 Mclaren Mercedes MP4-16 no.4, it's no 1374 of a limited edition of 5000,

It fully boxed and has seen little, I can e-mail(or post if I knew how!!) photos of the car,

Right then what I would like, well I would like one of the Scalextric Ford RS200(had one years ago, would really like another) or a SCX/Matchbox/Technitoys Audi Quattro(another one I had about 11 years ago) it was 4wd with belts and was white with kind of grey and maybe orange and red bits on it, not to sure if it was SCX, I think it came in a paperbox with Matchbox written on it? not sure though, or a Scalextric BMW M1(surprise surpirse I also used to have one of these) it was black with gold trim,

Failing all of the above, just pm me with whatever you want to swap as anything will be considered!!!!!!!!!

Oh I also have a NC-3 and NC-4 motors and a complete SCX Ibzia Safari body(yellow) and chassis that is also up for a swap too,


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I have an RS200 (SCX) ready for swapping.

What kind of condition are you looking for? At the moment it's in loads of bits but I can build it up to original spec if you want.

E-mail me [email protected]

I am interested in the McLaren unless you have any other interesting things for swap...


PS. Forgot to mention; body shell has been resprayed. It is done well, but in a unique livery (blue and white).
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