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Last night I was lucky enough to get to one of the very few screening of this documentary film about the life of Bruce McLaren. It was excellent, the best film about motor racing I have ever seen. Some excellent footage of Can Am, some interesting footage of early Ford GT40 testing and some very good interviews with many of his contemporaries, mainly those who worked with him.

This may frustrate many of you as I don't think that there are any more screenings planned but I believe it is released on DVD next Monday. I would recommend any one with even just the slightest interest in the history of motor racing to buy it, download it or beg a viewing.
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Hello Dick,

Sounds good but I see this is listed as a "Documentary Drama" - does that not lead to inaccuracies in the plot?

It is much more of a Documentary than a "documentary drama". There was not really a plot as such just the straight telling of the storey and I did not spot any inaccuracies. There were some reconstructed scenes but apart from the shots of the restored Ulster Austin 7 running they did not stand out. They included scenes at the Auckland car club with people sitting listening to the tapes Bruce McLaren used to send home and some shots of the mechanics in the early workshop playing tricks on Robin Herd but without much if any dialogue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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