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I want to order some K&S brass tubing to make bushings for the guide, but what is the correct diameter to buy that will fit in the chassis hole, and accept the guide without slop? ( here in Italy we work metric and I will buy via mail order from the States)
And what the diameter of a brass tube that will go over the front axle to make front wheel decoupling?
P.S. Do you know if also in U.K I could buy this brass tubing through mail order?
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The K&S tubing is sized so that each size fits inside the next bigger size, and they are quoted in the outside diameter. This might help when looking at the Tower catalog.

The wall thickness is 1/64", so for a 3/32" inside diameter the outside is 1/8". and for a 1/8" inside diameter the outside is 5/32". The 5/32" OD tube fits into the 3/16" OD tube and so on....

If you are looking for tubing to fit over a 3/32" axle, use the 1/8" OD. For guides, if it is for a 1/8" guide shaft, use the 5/32" OD, or if it is for the 3/16" shaft (like the Parma guides) use the 7/32" OD.

I hope this helps.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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