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MEGANE TROPHY 3.5 litres 320hp

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Continuing the sporting tradition of the Renault 5 Turbo, Alpine, Spider and Clio V6, all of which made their marks on European race tracks over the last 25 years, the Mégane Trophy - unveilled at next week's Paris Motor Show - is set to take to the grid in 2005.

Renault designers have taken the Mégane Renaultsport 225 and refined its sleek lines to come up with a silhouette racer resembling the awesome German touring cars. It's bodywork - lowered by a full 10 centimetres - widened wheel arches and rear diffuser combine to give the 155mph plus Mégane Trophy incredible looks and a powerful stance.

Renaultsport's latest offering pulls out all the stops to deliver a powerful product with single-seater values. Its tubular chassis, mid-engined V6 powerplant and semi-automatic gearbox make this a top level racing machine.

The 3.5-litre V6 engine fitted to Espace and Vel Satis powers the engine of the Mégane Trophy but in this case, the unit develops more than 320hp and features semi dry sump lubrication.

The Megane's electronic control system is by Magneti-Marelli and covers all engine, gearbox and automatic clutch management functions plus the data acquisition that is essential for drivers and engineers to unleash every fraction of the car's performance.

Driveability is also enhanced by the specially-designed Michelin tyres, while stopping power comes courtesy of ventilated discs with six-pot callipers at the front and four-pot at the rear.

In dynamics terms, strong power-to-weight ratio and wind-tunnel developed aerodynamics, make Mégane Trophy comparable with some GT racers.

Next spring, around 30 Mégane Trophy racers will feature in a championship covering eight European race meetings with two races at most venues.

After its grand unveiling on the Renault Compétition stand of the Paris Motor Show (Hall 7.2), the Mégane Trophy will be given an initial shakedown at the end of October before the first development tests get underway in November.

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QUOTE Would you believe 1.8 secs. in a RS 200 !


Possibly when it is up on axel stands, but not when it's pulling it's own weight.

QUOTE top rallycross cars can accellerate faster than an F1 car.

F1 cars aren't built for acceleration only, top speed 210mph.

Rally cars are, top speed 120mph.

I'm sure if you paid someone enough money, they could build you a car with awesome acceleration then they might be able to crack sub 3's. But it's still doubtful.

You can have as much power in the world, but you still have the eternal weight struggle. It needs to be light, so there is less mass to accelerate. And it needs to be heavy to keep traction to prevent wheelspin.

Also, wide tyres means more rubber on the road, but the increased area combined with the same mass of the car means there is less pressure from the tyre on the road.

You'd also need an engine with a power band which can take the car from stand still to 60mph without havong to change gears.

Aerodynamics are also important, even at that speed...

And on top of all that, you'd need an awesome driver and time to have about 50 trys... a tailwind... a hot day... grippy tarmac...

It's not gonna happen basically...

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WTF is a Top Fuel Rail?

And if it utilises jet power, like it sounds, then it's not a car.

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