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Pendle SCC are on a bit of a membership drive at the moment. We had a meeting there last night to decide what the club is doing in the future. It was decided to hold monthly meetings, initially for a GT race series (wide range of cars available) - Nick should be publishing a calendar.

So, if anyone is local to the Nelson/Colne area of Lancashire and wants to race in the evening during weekdays, come and have a go. Indeed, if you know of anyone you think may be interested, let them know. I'm sure there's plenty of people out there with sets at home. Maybe they're scared of racing, being in competition etc. well no matter. Most slot pilots are a helpful bunch and usually impart tricks of the trade (you may get beaten a couple of times before they do!).

Oh, and if East Lancs is too far, try Slot Tech, based near Preston
We can always do with new members too!


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any body think of joining either of these clubs be warned!!!!!!

they are fantasic bunch of guys/slotheads

and if i lived local to them i would have no worry's about joining them
but don't take my word for it go and see for yourselfs

hope you get some more members mate at both venues
see you soon
DR STICKY (aka) rob
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