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QUOTE (andy @ 7 Jun 2004, 09:46)its a common thing with forums

same thing happens on MBUK (mountain bike), britishblades and bushcraftuk

This is as has been said a common problem on forums, newslists, mailing lists and so.

The ratio of active_posters/lurkers better than 1/10 is a good figure. And active posters is a flexible figure (last year posters count it's optimistic, last month it's a better compromise)

One post per month per subscribed member it's a low figure, but 10 it's a very good level of activity ('hi all' posts excluded).

Another problem it's that the level of the forum can maintain silent some people, call them shy, and sometimes this is related to the language skills more than other things.

A good level of posting will encourage members to post their opinions. This is a good forum, and sometimes we need to be shut to maintian the level of discusion.
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