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QUOTE (tedm @ 21 Dec 2011, 22:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Stoppers are available from a number of sources such as MB Slot and Slot-it. How to describe what they are? They are a small metal collar with a set-screw which you tighten on the axle. They do the same thing as spacers but leave some of the axle exposed so you can place the wheel on the axle without needing to find a spacer that is just the right size,if you see what I mean. Can anybody explain that better?

One problem of using stoppers on Scalextric axles is that they have a larger diameter hole than the smooth part of the scalextric axle.
That means that when you clamp the stopper up using the set screw, the stopper sits off-centre, and therefore it's considerable mass is imbalanced on the axle, which creates vibration or rocking of the axle = "not smooth"

I think our thread starter should set these aside for other use, and go back to plastic/nylon axle spacers.
The method of snipping the spacer so it becomes like a split washer, then folding over the axle and pressing flat is quite okay.
It just requires removal of the axle and bushes from the car, and a bit of trial and error to obtain snug but not tight fit again when everything is pressed back in place.
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