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mexico restoration

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i am currently restoring a scalextric mk1 escort mexico from a pretty sorry state. i quite fancy finishing it off with rs 2000 style stripes rather than the mexico type which seem readily available. does anyone manufacture the rs style decals? i am not quite up to re-creating them myself.
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If you've got a full size Mk1 Escort you can get the stripes, I can't find anything for 1/32.

You could always ask the bloke who does the full size decals if he'll let you have a decent image of the artwork that he uses to advertise them on Ebay, you could then print them out on to decal paper at the right size and stick em on.
(the image he uses isn't at a very good resolution) LINK

Easy option, make it a Mexico....
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QUOTE (petestrike @ 3 Apr 2012, 21:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>unless somone can advise me where i could get some decals from
Did you ever try emailing the guy on Ebay who does the 1:1 sized graphics? I'm sure if you asked really nicely he'd send you a better image of the Ebay advert stripes.. Got to be worth a try hasn't it?


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Oh good, I do like a happy ending.
Don't keep us in suspense for too long though.
Well done, glad you finally got your decals and you managed to build the car that you really wanted.
Can we see some other angles please?
Very good, are the decals a "one off" special order or did you get lucky?
Paint looks really smooth, did you flat & polish or what?

Still looking for bullet mirrors?
No sorry I don't have any mirrors, just remembered you asking about some and thought they'd look good on your Escort.

True the old shell doesn't have all the detail of the latest offering but it does have the shape and there's something "just right" about the old car. Much easier to fit the big wheels too, no room for anything like that on the new release.
Don't know what happened there? Looked through Pete's posts and nothing contentious, no idea why he got the boot, very strange and a bit sad really.
Yeah that'll happen, the mods are always explaining their actions aren't they?

If they didn't inform Pete why he got the boot they're not likely to tell us.
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What a shame it couldn't be sorted without giving Pete the boot, seems a bit unnecessary, it's not like he tried to punch his producer or anything.
Pete contributed some good stuff to the forum and appeared to be a decent guy, please give him my best regards if you're in touch with him.

Come on Mods, what's going off? We can ill afford to lose good members for no good reason.
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