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mexico restoration

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i am currently restoring a scalextric mk1 escort mexico from a pretty sorry state. i quite fancy finishing it off with rs 2000 style stripes rather than the mexico type which seem readily available. does anyone manufacture the rs style decals? i am not quite up to re-creating them myself.
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QUOTE (petestrike @ 3 Apr 2012, 21:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
any thoughts on the bullet door mirrors or am I going to have to get crafty with the milliput?

Carrera make suitable mirrors, as fitted to their McLaren M20, Aston Martin DB5, Opel Commodore Steinmetz, Opel GT Steinmetz and Chevrolet Monza DeKon. All mine came with a spare pair of mirrors, so if you can find a store or someone with spares to sell, you're in luck. Fly's Porsche Carrera 6 mirrors are nice too, but probably harder to find spares.

I haven't got close up pictures of the mirrors, but these may help. The ones fitted to the Opel GT, Mclaren etc have a simple spike underneath to push into a hole in the bodywork, whereas the DB5 ones have a shaped aerodynamic base.

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