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Micro Scalextric LMP Cars

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Are the Micro Scalextric LMP cars based on a real LMP car and if so what is it, I'm just looking at options for the Pinewood 6 hour next year as I don't really fancy buying an expensive AFX body just to repaint it.
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Andy, I do mean those, I've been offered a yellow one for £5.
Diesel if you could measure and weigh one it would be handy.

My AFX Audi R10 is over 34mm wide BTW, it's probably 36mm wide.
QUOTE (montoya1 @ 29 Nov 2011, 11:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You don't have to paint it either.

No I don't have to paint it, but it would be nice to be able to tell our car from the other 5 Pugs, it just seems a bit of a shame that the 6 hour will be a "908 Cup" race.
I'd happily run an Audi, but I don't want to have to sand 1mm off the sides of the one I've got, it looks nice how it is.
But as I said in my opening post, I'm looking at alternatives to the 908, I could make an old Tomy XJR9 into a Porsche WSC 95 quite easily, but I don't think it would fit with the rules of the body having to be injection moulded or resin, as the way to make th body fit the 1.7 MG is to cut it in half, build a new mid section and glue it all back together.
I don't know anything about the AFX bodies that you don't, I just want to do a repaint to make our car easy to see and don't fancy ruining one of the very nice AFX LMP bodies - I'd feel guilty painting over the lovely original paintwork.
I've measured my Audi and I'm sure it's over 34mm, but I'd happily race this if it's under, I just don't fancy sanding down the original body.

As for the WSC95, yes it's an open cockpit car, but it's basically a Jaguar XJR with a Porsche engine and if you put the WSC95 next to an XJR they have very similar shaped bodywork, you could cut the cockpit off an XJR, add some radiator pods and it would look very near to the WSC.
QUOTE (montoya1 @ 29 Nov 2011, 11:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I would think that Martin and ART must have designs on winning the thing next year, or at least being right up there, in which case the hunt would be for the best racing body, period.

Martin hasn't commited to racing yet, and I think you're reading far more into this, the idea is purely to race something different.

I have got Panoz bodies, I could make one of these lighter, though the wheelbase is a little short.
It's about having fun, I've probably got access to a Pug body and could buy one, but sometimes it's nice just to have a bit of fun and do something different.
It's like the Plymouth bodies I use for Nascar, I do this because I like old Nascars, not because I think it will be quicker, one of the good things about HO is the lack of bodies - it means you have to be creative if you want cars that aren't made by AFX, Tyco etc. with 1:32 you can buy just about any car that raced (apart from the 1971 Roadrunner it seems
) but with 1:64 there aren't that many bodies available.
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QUOTE (slowracer @ 29 Nov 2011, 15:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Its not like the good old days, when you had 3/4 LMP bodies (more if you include the lighted ones) to choose from and 2-4 liveries too!

Egg Zach R Lee
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