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Micro Scalextric LMP Cars

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Are the Micro Scalextric LMP cars based on a real LMP car and if so what is it, I'm just looking at options for the Pinewood 6 hour next year as I don't really fancy buying an expensive AFX body just to repaint it.
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The bodies are probably really heavy, and currenly not exempt from the 34mm rule.

I think if you talk to other teams to see if they are buying from Buds also, and do a group purchase, for less than a tenner you could get a legal, competative Pug. You don't have to paint it either.
QUOTE (Julian_Boolean @ 29 Nov 2011, 11:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>No I don't have to paint it, but it would be nice to be able to tell our car from the other 5 Pugs, it just seems a bit of a shame that the 6 hour will be a "908 Cup" race.

It is way too early to say that will happen for sure, although in any race of this type people will always tend to seek out the best body, for the most part, but I suspect most of the other teams will paint their cars and are not phased by doing so. In addition the Oreca car may be out by then so one of those unpainted will increase the possible variety, and the Audi with a bit of work with a dremel might be a better bet anyway.
You won't have to shave the Audi.

Isn't the WSC95 an open cockpit car?

Do you know something about the AFX cars we don't, hence looking for alternatives?
I would think that Martin and ART must have designs on winning the thing next year, or at least being right up there, in which case the hunt would be for the best racing body, period.

Usually that is a very small list regardless of what is allowed. Group C it is the Jag, classic sports cars the 917 with rocking removed, Mod class the F40 (possibly the Rokar 934, certainly on an SRT) and so on...
Is the Panoz on the list?

It is so heavy I think you would struggle to get it anywhere near the fighting weight needed.

I can get my head around trying different ideas out looking for an edge, that is what racers do, but for the sake of running something different, I don't get it.
Same thing with those really, best body by far was the Jag, which came in two colour schemes as standard.
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