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Nearly everybody has one, some of us have lots but it is very rare you see a Micro Scalextric car being raced at an HO club. I entered one in a Mod race a couple of winters ago, Andrew Rose has been making progress with the Formula 1 variant down at WHO and aside from a couple of club car fun races that's it.

Given it is the only HO car currently retailing in the UK that is frankly absurd, the benefits to the brand and particularly HO club racing of changing that situation could be huge. Adrian Norman of Scalextric is supportive of the idea and at the UK Slot Festival kindly supplied cars and track for demonstration and there is an intention to use that equipment to push micro racing forward, keep your eyes peeled elsewhere on the forum for more news.

In the spirit of this potential new dawn FLBT decided (thanks guys) to give our first HO night since the festival over to Micro Scalextric cars, I felt it was important that it should be a serious meeting with everyone running or borrowing one car for the night rather than a leave the cars on the lanes taster night.

The heat scores were pretty variable as we started to learn the idiosyncrasies of our cars, three types of bodyshell, two type of braid as well as the different type of guides and motors that have come with the cars down the years were used.

Here are a couple of photos of the grid assembled before racing began and some heat action. Results to follow.

Among the cars donated by Scalextric at the UK Slot Festival were Ford Focus WRC's so a highly experimental Rallysprint was held on Micro track, I found it really enjoyable only two 'stages' were held due to time constraints but the combined times were extremely close, again results to follow.

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