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micro scalextric

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just been in my local norwich sainsbury's and they have for sale the micro scalextric alpha 156 set, reduced from £79.99 to £29.99
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Retailers "Huge Savings" claims have always been false.

I used to work for a department store many years ago. In Oct/Nov we would start to get January sale stock in. The items were bought specifically cheaply for the sale.

This is how it went ,order placed in summer for a shirt costing £5.00 from the manufacturer. Our buyer decides its good sale stock at £10.00, but because they arrive early enough, they get marked up at £20.00 (previous price must have been on display for 28 days) but (this was in the days before computerised tills) on the rear of the ticket was a code in letters which told the store staff what to reduce it to for the sale.
If the we sold a few at the full price before Xmas that was a bonus, which we could use to mark the remander down to £2.50 for the last week of the sale, effectively clearing out the last of that stock. Happy days!!

Now they dont even bother with the 28 day rule, DFS advertise "after sale price", like there will be any left after!

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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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