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micro scalextric

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just been in my local norwich sainsbury's and they have for sale the micro scalextric alpha 156 set, reduced from £79.99 to £29.99
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Nice spot. I've seen this set for £40 in Sainsburys website. Shame they don't stock it in my local store, especially with Sainsbury's half price toy sale last week.

These look to be repaints of the Alfa from the Quantum of Solace set. Now they've done every variation of the DBS they're moving on!

Tesco have a set down to £40 to £80 which seems to be an exclusive, like the Sainsburys one. Although I don't recall seeing either of these sets selling for £80 ever... Even new sets on Scalextric's site only start at at the £40-50 mark for non-licensed sets so I'm not quite sure of the legality of the their 'huge savings' claims.
Sad thing is the manufacturers are doing just as much damage to local model shops. I believe the Sainsburys set (as with the Tesco one) are store exclusives. Micro Scalextric also currently have exclusive Cars 2 sets with Toys R Us and Argos. And don't forget every other set used to be a Woolworths exclusive.

You can't blame everything on consumers' buying habits.
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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