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They arrived this morning and I am amazed at the quality

These are my first lexan cars and I am more than happy to say they are in no way 'blobs!'

Maybe, the arches lack definition on the Porsche but I am guessing thats lexan for you. In fact I am not convinced they are actually lexan, looking closer, Milan?

The 360 is by far the better of the two..

Detailing on both however is absolutely superb!
I would LOVE to know how you get the window rubber detailing so straight and small Milan! Willing to show and tell?

Next comes the new chassis detail and again it is wonderful stuff, the chassis are NOT cut metal but double sided circuit board as you can see (better in the first picture)..

The chassis is a perfect fit on the Porsche as Milan fitted it for me before sending (thank you!) and is held together with pin mounts at the side of the body. It flexes nicely and feels very balanced.

I will fit the chassis to the 360 later but note Milan has also cut down on my workload by marking the chassis cut points for the 360, great service!

Attention to detail stretches also to the chassis, with VERY functional and smooth working cable mounts

Very neat and tidy all round I think!...

If I have anything at all negative to say, it is that the wheels lack inserts and this detracts a little from the appearance but it is easy to fix, in fact I am off to do just that right now...

Will also update this when I get a chance to run them on the tracks.
I am a little hesitant about the sponge tyres, they might need replacing for plastic track, we will see.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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