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32 foot carrera track, PM controllers and PM LOKO power supply.

New version 1000 Miglia Jag D and Ferrari 166/212 MM.

Report: Jag covers the track in 4.2/4.3 seconds. Ferrari about 5.3 +, and a lot harder to be consistent. Both box stock RTR, a few laps break in.

The Jag slides out of the slot when it does deslot, easy to drive. The Ferrari turtles and spins on the roof.

The Jag seems to weigh about 96.5 grams, the ferrari about 98 on my crude scales. Must be the high center of gravity. I was hoping they would be ......uh.....performance parity.. out of the box. BTW, both make a little noise on the righthand turn, something ...front tire?...must be rubbing.

Welcome tuning and set up advise, comments.

I am a wergin at postin' da photo....hope it works.

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The Carrera twin later chassis 'D' type is both a fiercely quick AND fun car to drive - which is unusual with a car fitted with powerful mags. It's also one of the quickest cars 'out of the box' that I own. Now getting the Ferrari to match it... There's the problem!
Try releasing the rear mag on the Ferrari so that it sits alittle closer to the track (The thinking here, essentially, is to let the Ferrari get further around the bend before it breaks away and 'fingers crossed' it should be just about entering the straightaway, giving you/it more chance of sorting the tailslide
) However it (the Ferrari) is likely to still be slower ultimately because it appears to have a significantly higher Centre of Gravity than the 'D' type.

Most of my Carrera cars make more noise going around (can never remember if it's left or right!) some bends more than others... My suspicion is that the combination of downforce and centrifugal force going around the bends is either driving the contrate gear tighter onto the pinion gear, or forcing the motor shaft onto the opposite side of the contrate gear channel.

Tho' remembering back a few days.... The front axle on one of my Bentleys was making a low rustling noise. The bearings were dry. A little dab of lube later, and all things were back to their customary Carrera near silence

That's all f'now

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