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Milton Keynes NSCC Swapmeet

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Okay, let's hear what those who attended have to say...


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I enjoyed the event, very busy to start with and then quietened down - much better to walk round.

In the end came away with 11 cars which consisted of:

A bundle of GBTrack Chevrons/Porsches etc
2 Corvettes

Hi Tropi,

Yes they were, only one car that wasn't say, half price (although discounted) was the recent 'Speedvision' Corvette.

All the others were non new releases, so relegated to budget sections.

I originally went with intention to purchase the Martini Lancia & Porsche 917 set, neither were available (there was one 917 set, but appeared to have sleeve missing so decided against it).

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1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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