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Milton Keynes NSCC Swapmeet

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Okay, let's hear what those who attended have to say...


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Not a bad week for slot cars. The Milton Keynes swap meet saw me buy the Vanquish Mirage, blue Scalextric Mustang, Spirit Reynard and Fly Porsche 917 Spyder and Chevron as new cars (the later pair for a tenner each). I also bought an old French-made Tyrrell because I have always had a liking for it, another slow burn thanks to pictures in Roger Gillham's book.

The Scalextric MG Lola was bought about ten days ago at a local shop. I have one of the originals and like it a lot and this Thetford livery looks great. Unfortunately the car had a rear tyre missing so was only exchanged last week. The little SEAT was the latest Rallye Mitiocos car to be built up. It also suffered a missing piece, the unusual guide blade, but a replacement - an original - was easily found at the swap meet.

Missing after some deliberation is a Lotus 72. My thinking is that Iwill wait and see. I will regret it if they all sell out, but I hope the bits get better and more securly afixed in later batches,

It is too cold for much running in the garage, but I gave the SEAT, Mirage, Reynard and MG Lola a few laps. The Reynard is especially nice and smooth, although not much grip from the tyres. Perhaps I will get a chance to run it this Friday and see how it goes against the Fly Lolas.

The Mirgae is VMG scale and drives exactly as the Can Ams do. I chose the Hailwood driver, but as has been previously established, the helmet does not match the plinth description. Have the factory merely put the 'wrong' cars on the 'wrong' plinth, or the 'wrong' interiors inside the right bodies. I do not know which livery/race number is which; perhaps one of you will post the historical data.

The Seat is, like all small slot cars, irresistibly cute, but suffers from the Miticos shinny tyre problem. They seem to be made of vinyl, not rubber (both descriptions used in the least chemically precise sense). Still, with a modern SCX motor inside it flies.

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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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