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My Dad let me build this car on my own because I really like the shape and the cat on the front and I wanted to make a slot car.

It took me about an hour, with Dad watching and doing the sharp stuff with a knife.

I did what my Dad suggested and made sure all the parts were in the box and then set them up so he could take a picture.

I thought the kit was really well made but the instructions could be clearer as I had to ask a couple of times what they meant. I have made some Airfix plane models before and those instructions were fine on my own.

Putting it together was easy and fun except Dad nagged too much about being careful with the super glue

Now this bit was hard because the steering wheel was too far in.

I thought it was too hard to put the springs onto the plastic bits, but I did it in the end.

I did it!
now I am going to drive it.

I hope you like my work.

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