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MiniAuto Gt40

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This years Mini Auto magazine suscription car is the silver Graham Hill GT40, shame Fly have not included the bug screen and mirrors that this car ran with, but looks sharp anyway.

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In the past it seems as the Mini Auto release has been nothing more than a standard release car with a special insert.

My question to someone who knows is:

'Is the silver no7 GT40 a Mini Auto ONLY release, or is Fly releaseing this car to the general market in standard packaging with a standard catalogue number?'

Some one please advise!

Thanks Ken R
ah I think we've boiled it down to semantics!

If you "rip off" someone, you are slealing from/cheating them.

If something is descibed as "a rip off", its a coloquial cry that we make when we thinks something is way overpriced.

No the dealers, distributors, manufacturers aren't actually ripping off anybody BUT the retail price of this particular model is seen by many average joes (me included) as "a rip off".
QUOTE As for the pricing, if Fly can sell a limited edition model for twice the price of a normal model, then good luck to them! They do not have to justify themselves to anyone, and if any of who have any business sense were in the same position we would do the same thing - the supply and demand theory is basic economics.

Ah, the blissful ignorance and arrogance of a company riding a decent wave of success and believing their own propaganda.

Aaron, their are plenty of folks on this board with a lifetime of marketing experience who would beg to differ. I would suggest that most of the sentiment expressed regarding FLY and their pricing is done so that those at FLY who keep an eye on consumer insights might pick up on this discontent and maybe take this into consideration going forward.

I like FLY cars. I would consider myself loyal to the brand. I was comfortable with their base pricing (less so in the last year). I find the price of the Mini Auto release an abomination. It has seriously hurt FLY's reputation from my perspective and it has diminished my overall perception of the brand. I am shifting toward indifference to the brand.

Supply and demand is a much more complex issue than you profess. And I shall spare the readers of this board a full marketing lesson, but there is a direct correlation between brand loyalty and price elasticity that effects demand up to the point of profit maximization.

Add a proliferation of consumer choices with regard to slots and FLY's waning days as an oligopoly where its easier to exploit a market and you have the potential for some long term financial implications.

Not to mention an increase in consumer utility as the slot car hobby continues to grow (in other words, as consumers get more into something and that something grows and becomes part of their routine, they typically demand MORE from the product). Value is a function of utility x price.

I would suggest that FLY is not investing a lot of money in traditional packaged goods Brand Health Tracking surveys and ongoing consumer feedback. They are likely taking a sales volume approach NOT a consumer approach to their forward marketing strategies. They are likely going on their gut and sales records.

Good luck to them if this is the case they are going to need it at some point.

To label the comments of members of this board re FLY as whinging is to do so at your own peril and blind ignorance of who is making these comments!

I quote a Marketing Vice President fom Molson Breweries whose stock answer to his marketing charges whenver they came running to his door was "Don't ask me, go ask your consumer!".

Ken R
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Hi Aaron, sorry you took my opinion as an insult. Maybe my opening hyperbole wasn't clearly identified as such.

I am just a consumer (who happens to be an educated professional in marketing and communications) who's expressing my personal take on FLY.

Use it for what its worth. I'm smart enough to know how to spend my $.

You are correct in that FLY owes nothing to any of us and it is their business to do as they choose. And it is true as an insider on the supply chain you have first hand knowledge of your suppliers practices.

As for credibility, you kind of make my point in dismissing mine.
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