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I collect mini from the 1960's to the 1990's and if anyone had any photo's I would love to see them, especially if they are rare or are from a foreign country
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Here's something I did for the Bordeaux vintage meeting a couple of years ago
The Downton Twinni Mini

Body was a modified Airfix and chassis 4WD with two 'K's motors.

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Yes Eddie it did win concours (going for my fourth in a row in 1/32 this year
) also won a special cup in remembrance of one of the Bordeaux club members, but as you say due to a lack of laps, mainly down to my bad driving, did not win overall.
Yes, now sold and living in Spain!

p.s. the chassis was said to have originally been built by Gordon Murray but I was never able to validate this.
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QUOTE I like the Mini with the two motors, very different.
Could you please tell me if the wheels are plastic, or alloy with resin inserts, and who made them, plus the tyres you used, as they look great.

The wheels were modified eigthies style BSCRA wheels for sponge tyres, narrowed etc,
tyres were Ortmanns, can't remember which ones, but turned down quite a bit, may have been Scalextric C75 Merc 190 tyres, I think.
Inserts were the plastic wheels from the Airfix static kit turned down to size and drilled as per Cooper S wheels.
QUOTE has anyone ever heard about the 1960 australian c76

The C76 FWD Mini was available in the UK in red or green, in AUS and NZ it was also avaliable in black, but it is quite scarce.
And it would not be 1960 but 1965-69
Definitely not in white, but maybe in yellow or green, mostly they seem to be red though.
A lot of these have had the roof painted black to make a fake type 5 !
Spanish C45

and a nice MB one

this one-off convertible Banger Racer was made by Hornby and was on display in the factory for a number of years.

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Now sold, it came from Barry Smith's (BTS Mouldings) collection that I bought a couple of years ago.
No foreign Minis, but I have this picture
Prototype colour test with a prototype silver painted chassis, note the plain base with no writing.

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