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I collect mini from the 1960's to the 1990's and if anyone had any photo's I would love to see them, especially if they are rare or are from a foreign country
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Hi Here are a few of my cars Kev

My Clubmans

My Limited edition of 3000 c481 mini cooper

My c7 Mini coopers

My Favourite one, The c76 mini cooper from 1965

I dug out my srm mini cooper which I forgot I Had

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hi Kustomart
I would love to see any more photos you have
got some nice mini's mike
hi bleep
I would love to see the rest
here steve
This is my front wheel drive mini
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has anyone ever heard about the 1960 australian c76
I think it's a mini cooper
does anyone know were I could get a mini cooper shell for a custom build
does anyone have any pics or information about rare or bizarre Mini 's
I would love to see pictures if anyone has any
feel free to add any photos you have
awesome cars guys, were did you get the type one french mini with disc wheels from
were do you get these rare ones from, I've looked everywhere
I like you clubman pete strike, it looks a lot more realistic than the standard 70's model
Anyone ever heard of the rare black australian c76 mini cooper, I've seen picture but i can't find any for sale
Just seen one sold, at an online auction, any other foreign mini's seen please post
1 - 20 of 90 Posts
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