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I collect mini from the 1960's to the 1990's and if anyone had any photo's I would love to see them, especially if they are rare or are from a foreign country
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Hi there Jam..

I have been into Minis for many years now, Slotcars and full size..

Here are a few of my own Slotcar "Mini" scratchbuilds and conversions you might like to see.
These show another side to slotcars, All in 1:32 scale.
Plus a few Ready to Runs in my collection..
Hope you like them..

All the best.. Martin.

Scalextric "Italian Job" Mini set.

Scalextric based "Mini Limo"... Front half and rear half joined together.

Mini "Convertible" conversion.

Early Scalextric body based scratchbuilt 60s Mk1 Mini, with Brass Scratchbuilt chassis.

I do have some others, If you would like to see them as well please let me know.... Martin.
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Hi there Kev and Jam1234..

As you say... Hopefully Pete (Scudbong) sees this thread, and posts some of his own Minis.

I do have some more early Minis as well, RTR and scratchbuilt/conversions, but no photos to post at the moment..

Over the next few days I will take some photos of them to post.

All the best.. Martin.
Hi there Phil, hope you are keeping well..

I like the Mini with the two motors, very different.
Could you please tell me if the wheels are plastic, or alloy with resin inserts, and who made them, plus the tyres you used, as they look great.
Thank you..

All the best.. Martin.
Ian... Super cool Minis..

The Pickup is excellent. Is it a resin shell, or a modified plastic one....

All the best.. Martin.
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Hi there Jam...

Here are a few more photos of some of my various "Minis" in my collection.

This one is a "Modelzone" Ltd Edition BMW Mini..

Heres a Scalextric "All White" moulded BMW Mini.

This is one of my more "Unusual" slot car conversions, a 4x4 Mini.. Body's an early Scalextric one, chassis came from a motorised 4x4 toy. Not fast but great fun...

Thats all for now..
I will take some more photos of my other Minis, and post them..

All the best.. Martin..
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1 - 5 of 90 Posts
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