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I collect mini from the 1960's to the 1990's and if anyone had any photo's I would love to see them, especially if they are rare or are from a foreign country
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We couldn't go without mentioning my favourite mini!

I have a few more too
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hi bleep
I would love to see the rest
That is one funky mini Bleep ............. anyone done a Mini-Moke yet???
Ian... Super cool Minis..

The Pickup is excellent. Is it a resin shell, or a modified plastic one....

All the best.. Martin.
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Anyone have pics. of original Scalextric front wheel drive Mini ? I had one waaay back, eons ago but don't know what became of it.
Gregk Ive scratch built a Mini Moke, but need to sort a picture host to show it someday.
Your little Mini "pickup" is absolutely stunning!!!

here steve
This is my front wheel drive mini
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QUOTE I like the Mini with the two motors, very different.
Could you please tell me if the wheels are plastic, or alloy with resin inserts, and who made them, plus the tyres you used, as they look great.

The wheels were modified eigthies style BSCRA wheels for sponge tyres, narrowed etc,
tyres were Ortmanns, can't remember which ones, but turned down quite a bit, may have been Scalextric C75 Merc 190 tyres, I think.
Inserts were the plastic wheels from the Airfix static kit turned down to size and drilled as per Cooper S wheels.
built this thing 20+ years ago. its got an uprated motor in it and was pretty un-drivable on the old mini slix tyres...not much better on the new dtm set up but entetaining all the same!

oh...its been christened "the frog" it looks and handles like one!!
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QUOTE (Kustomart @ 9 Feb 2012, 21:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Is it a resin shell, or a modified plastic one....

Martin it's a PRS Mini, looks great performance wasn't too good, I think the model has been copied and is now available elsewhere. I may get another now I'd love to build a brass chassis for one

one day..................
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It's difficult not to have a soft spot for the Mini, here's a few of my ones.

A resin pickup

A battered Airfix Mini fitted to a PCS32 chassis and given a respray

A pair of Scalextric 1275GTs. The red one having been lowered as compared to the original yellow one.

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has anyone ever heard about the 1960 australian c76
Are you talking about the Honda Motor Cycle ? or maybe the P76 Leyland Car from the 70,s ?
I think it's a mini cooper
Hi heres a few Minis in my museum. 1st photo-1/24th Tokyo Plamo mib,right -left-ho Riggen,1/40th SRM,1/43rd Jouef,1/24th AJS,1/24th homemade. 2nd photo-backrow-DU-BRO vac body,then Scalextric. Middle row-1/34rd Chinese,the next 3 are Scalextric,then Airfix. front row-BMC (fastback),Troby,homemade, & SCX. Thanks,Bernard
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Troby??? Troby made a Mini? Do tell us more Bernard... I think even the French don't know about that one, or at least I've never seen or heard of this...

QUOTE has anyone ever heard about the 1960 australian c76

The C76 FWD Mini was available in the UK in red or green, in AUS and NZ it was also avaliable in black, but it is quite scarce.
And it would not be 1960 but 1965-69
The fastback is a Broadspeed GT 2+2. From the same Broadspeed who went on to race Fords.

Another one who would like to know more about the Trobi Mini, Bernard.

I like the Hornby C7 Minis and just picked up a job lot from Ebay which included a nice example of one I haven't got. I think it's referred to as the "Type 5.5" on the Slot Car Portal - it has flared wheel arches, an RX motor and is red all over, Was this version only available in red, whereas the previous black roofed cars were available in white and yellow too?
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