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I collect mini from the 1960's to the 1990's and if anyone had any photo's I would love to see them, especially if they are rare or are from a foreign country
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Definitely not in white, but maybe in yellow or green, mostly they seem to be red though.
A lot of these have had the roof painted black to make a fake type 5 !
Definitely also came in yellow MrM, I`ve got examples in red & yellow.
does anyone know were I could get a mini cooper shell for a custom build
For Mini shells Ebay is worth a try, search in toys, Scalextric and slot car and search spares or repair or scrapyard.
QUOTE I hope Scudbong Pete sees this thread so he can post pics of his reworked Airfix Minis.

Your wish is my command (albeit a bit late), these are he only pictures I have available until I sort out my camera.

This one is just a simple repaint completed quite a few years ago

This one is a a car I restored about 5 years ago that has a nice brass rail chassis with an MRRC motor between the rails and even a neat little drop arm on the front. It also has the very nice MRRC 10" wheels and matched tyres, performance is surprislingly good.

Finally, this is one I built 2 years ago and it has been campaigned at many races since. It is painted in BMC 'Surf' Blue and is one of my favourite cars I have built.


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does anyone have any pics or information about rare or bizarre Mini 's
I would love to see pictures if anyone has any
Here`s a couple of unusual ones I`ve just got out of the loft Jam.

First up is a French made Scaley Mini. Different (better) shade of red compared to the UK ones. It has dish wheels. There is no co-driver.
The car is left hand drive & the drivers crash helmet is different.

Different guide to UK cars.

& one of my type 4 c7 UK Minis. Only made in 1973. Solid colour all over.


This Type 4 is also a rare RX motor version.

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Hi there Jam...

Here are a few more photos of some of my various "Minis" in my collection.

This one is a "Modelzone" Ltd Edition BMW Mini..

Heres a Scalextric "All White" moulded BMW Mini.

This is one of my more "Unusual" slot car conversions, a 4x4 Mini.. Body's an early Scalextric one, chassis came from a motorised 4x4 toy. Not fast but great fun...

Thats all for now..
I will take some more photos of my other Minis, and post them..

All the best.. Martin..
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feel free to add any photos you have
I received another LHD French Scalextric Mini today Jam.
This one is unusual as far as French Minis go because it does not have dish wheels fitted.

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awesome cars guys, were did you get the type one french mini with disc wheels from
QUOTE (Jam1234 @ 21 Mar 2012, 17:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>feel free to add any photos you have

here you go then. i know its not a standard production mini , well it was once but it is unique (and possibly a matter of taste) but ive just put this one together from a pile of junk. the shell was scrap as the arches had been hacked off by a previous owner , possibly with a chainsaw but i had an old set left over from another "project". i like the slightly more to scale look of the better proprtioned arches on the shell. obviously the ferrari rims are a tad large but hey , they were begging to go on. i also think the simple paint suits a smaller car. ive considerably lowered the front of the chassis over the guide blade for a better look and handling. all in all i'm rather pleased.

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This is developing into a great mini thread, there's some gorgeous cars here already. Here's some of mine, nothing too out of the ordinary but I'll add them anyway:

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Scaley Clubmans are cool & easy to maintain.
I`ve had these since they were new, & the odd bath in luke warm soapy water keeps them looking A1.
(You`ve just got to keep looking for a French Mini with dish wheels Jam)

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i finally had a chance to give this one a proper thrashing today. i have a new favourate car , its a real hoot! even with its narrowed track it will easily out-run a "standard" gt. it needs a little ballast i think but it really is pretty good. best of all is it only stands me a couple of quid!

plus , any excuse for another pic!

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were do you get these rare ones from, I've looked everywhere
I like you clubman pete strike, it looks a lot more realistic than the standard 70's model
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