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I collect mini from the 1960's to the 1990's and if anyone had any photo's I would love to see them, especially if they are rare or are from a foreign country
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cheers! its a little more realistic....and certainly an improvement on how it was when i first got it! it also handles soooo much better for being lowered at the front.its a right little hooligan now.

as was.....
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QUOTE (Jam1234 @ 31 Mar 2012, 18:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>How did you lower it

simples...thanks to sf! set the desired front axle height with a brass tube glued in pleace then remove the approriate amount of plastic from the guide mounting point to drop the front wheels to track height , hey presto , robert is then your mothers low mini!!

standard chassis...though not wheels!

modified chassis...note lower profile where guide blade mounts.
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Anyone ever heard of the rare black australian c76 mini cooper, I've seen picture but i can't find any for sale
Just seen one sold, at an online auction, any other foreign mini's seen please post
Another one sold for £150.
has anyone got one of these

a australian c76
it is ment to represent peter manton
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Not rare - but a version I did many years ago with lights. It needs updating with some proper heads and a bit more detail.

It`s the Will Sparrow giant killing Clubman.

EUE897K. 1972. Clubman body, red. 1275cc. Last rally Mini Will built, used on 1972 Welsh Rally (6th O/A after time off the road in Clocaenog).

Cheers - Phil
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I love it, did you make the decals yourself also do you have a picture of it with it's lights on
The Thor Hammer was the old Letraset type rub down lettering with clear laquer. Castrol stripes were painted free hand.

I don`t have a pic with lights on, I`ll see if I can find my old Scaley Permalight track thingy and post one next week
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does anyone have the spanish c45 mini cooper
Or maybe any foreign mini
Australian, now original Spanish Minis?
You`ve got expensive tastes in Minis Jam!

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Spanish C45

and a nice MB one

this one-off convertible Banger Racer was made by Hornby and was on display in the factory for a number of years.

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Now sold, it came from Barry Smith's (BTS Mouldings) collection that I bought a couple of years ago.
thanks, how come they never put it into production
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