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I have an old Scalextric Mirage Ford and a couple of P4's (the C16 reference), and I'm trying to find some good tyres for them. I'm slightly baffled as to how to measure the wheels and finding replacement tyres. Any ideas or help? Thanks!

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RS will tell you what you need.
Or, if you want something cheaper;
On the slotcar section of Ebay type in Jouef in the search box.
You will see an advert selling tyres for the Jouef Renault 5. Seller is known as Dauremy(in France).
Go into his shop.
Look through his Scalextric tyres.

You will see a pic of an orange Scaley Ford 3ltr.
It will read 8 Urethene Rear Tyres Proto Scalextric UK...(price £10 for 8 plus £1.35 postage).

That`s what you need for the rears, & they`re cheap!!

I buy loads of tyres for my French cars from this guy. He is 100% trustworthy.
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