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Missing from Slot Racing?

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So what cars do you think are missing from the slot racing world? Even more helpful, what cars do you think the manufacturers could make that would help THEM sell more & promote the hobby better?

In the US, I hear complaints from people in the "WOMP" world, and some of the less educated about the 1:32 "plastic" world retailers, talk about the lack of updated NASCAR liveries. NASCAR is a 'league' in which there are stronger driver/brand bonds than any other league or even sport. These rabid fans (not ALL are ********, just most!) are lethal when it comes to debating their favorites. Having Scalextric (or others) keep a continued update on cars, and expand their lineup would be amazing. The diecast industry for NASCAR is HUGE over here, and when it comes to "one off's" for special one race only liveries, the demand gets even stronger. There has been some great custom work done to replicate some current cars using some of the Scalextric plain white cars, but they could make a killing doing it themselves.

The other group that would be a huge hit in the US, especially with the younger crowd.. 8-18+, is the "Fast and the Furious" type cars. Either give them some great cars out of the box, or give them some basic cars, then sell add-on rims, exhaust, engine hop-ups, etc, just like in the real "street racing" scene. The money to be made on this market seems too much too pass up.

So what do you guys think?


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not into NASCAR, and to me the cars look pretty dull. If you watch some exciting racing, I guess I can see the appeal...

I think it is ridiculous for us to campaign for slot cars that we don't want, but cars that we imagine there is a massive market for. If you love nascar and want every livery, please clamour for them. But unless you have actually conducted the propper market research for popularity, adult buying trends and childrens buying trends, analysed sales lines at christmas and other times, what position are you to speak for these other people?

The slot companies already have marketing teams and possibly forums or sources of these types of people. All we can do is inform the slot cars as to what WE like, and give accurate information to that end.

pup, with respect I trust the poorest market research and a few forms to what some (enthusiastic and best will in the world) people think from their armchairs and based on their mates and kids in their local neighbourhood!

and syd - I totally agree that the assumption that the slot dollar is 99% kids and christmas is very unsubstantiated! There is definately an adult market (racer, le mans minatures and othe £100+/car makes); No company aiming products at young kids would put 'This Is NOT a toy, 14 years +' on their products as Fly do, and finally the choice of cars (classic racers being a popular choice) is not aimed at kids, who would as said elsewhere mainly like fast and furious cars, and the cars that we find in playstation 2 games which are marketed and aimed primarily at kids.
ahh okies

Still not sure about the logistics that causing one area of the hobby to boom will have a knock on effect to the area I particularly like, but here goes:

in that case - i reckon Barbie slot cars are conspicuous by their absance. These and possibly slot my little pony's will bring more people into the hobby targetting the less tomboyish girls

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wow what a site revvvs! Am tempted by the 1971 morris marina, me dad had one and it was a truely dreadful car in harvest gold (i.e. sick coloured), so a slot model would be of sentimental addittion. I will need advice on what is underpowered low torque low revs motor so i can make its performance realistic?
oh here we go again!

it seems the only person who's freedom of speech is critised IS guagemaster, as u r trying to do above, sidecar, IMHO

lighten up m8!
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