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Missing from Slot Racing?

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So what cars do you think are missing from the slot racing world? Even more helpful, what cars do you think the manufacturers could make that would help THEM sell more & promote the hobby better?

In the US, I hear complaints from people in the "WOMP" world, and some of the less educated about the 1:32 "plastic" world retailers, talk about the lack of updated NASCAR liveries. NASCAR is a 'league' in which there are stronger driver/brand bonds than any other league or even sport. These rabid fans (not ALL are ********, just most!) are lethal when it comes to debating their favorites. Having Scalextric (or others) keep a continued update on cars, and expand their lineup would be amazing. The diecast industry for NASCAR is HUGE over here, and when it comes to "one off's" for special one race only liveries, the demand gets even stronger. There has been some great custom work done to replicate some current cars using some of the Scalextric plain white cars, but they could make a killing doing it themselves.

The other group that would be a huge hit in the US, especially with the younger crowd.. 8-18+, is the "Fast and the Furious" type cars. Either give them some great cars out of the box, or give them some basic cars, then sell add-on rims, exhaust, engine hop-ups, etc, just like in the real "street racing" scene. The money to be made on this market seems too much too pass up.

So what do you guys think?


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I know these have already been made, but they were crap and need re-doing by someone who knows what they are doing...

Ford Escort Cosworth
Ford RS200
Ford Mustang (GT350 or GT500)
Ford Fiesta (Mk3)
Ford Fiesta (Mk6)

Can't wait until the RX-8, that would have huge potential for wings, body kit, exhaust, lowered, and tuned...


PS. And more Lotii...
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What's that?

Is it a brick? Is it a giant bar of soap? NO! It's a rubbish car with a big engine in it that only turns left... Sounds interesting...

Nascar's are for people who don't really understand the concpet of motorsport, where driving talent is required. Not just 'foot to floor', 'turn left a bit' 'straighten out', 'turn left a bit'.... Ah! I've got to overtake! Oh well, doesn't matter because I have 30 foot either side of him to do it...

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lol, if only there was a 'tounge in cheek' smilie...

.... where there were at least 5 overtaking mavouvres that were covered by ITV....

Hmmm, did you even watch the race?

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You mean this Steve?

Porsche Carrera GT. Made by Carrera, I'm getting one tomorrow hopefully (damn royal mail...).

QUOTE Pheonix banned the Inte? understandable!

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It's all about the Austin 1300GT...

There's so many posts that I can't remember what I was going to reply to... here goes:

Sorry about that Steve... dammit, 'Lowrider'...

I think everyone here is giving their opinion, and that is what the original post was looking for.

As for Nascars, I have watched a race or two, and the team tactics are the bit I enjoy. When it rains, or someone crashes and everyone drives into the pits... great! Unfortunatly, everyone seems to be going at roughly the same speed, so overtaking manouvres can be timed with a calender. I can never remember any of the names either; Billy-Bob this, and Jimbo that... hehe

That M1 kicks ass and should be mass produced by Which reminds me, Slot.It are bringing out the Merc Sauber C9 (or C6, can't remember) but that can race with the Porsche. It'll kick ass too... probably the fastest Slot.It car so far...

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Maybe Scalextric have learnt their lesson from the bikes not to produce machines which handle funny, like the little narrow classic cars. We can only hope!

More low, wide, light, racing GT cars for me please. Don't care what they are, they just have to be fast.

Check it out guys!

Morgan Aero 8 and Toyota Supra JGTC being made by Top Slot, in resin.

Make your own...

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