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Jan Groosmuller
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At our club we mainly race 32nd scale RTR plastic chassis, 1 magnet allowed (but rather restricted, max 45 mm from leading shoe, and max 50 gram strength on our scale). Minimum weight of the car with a NC-2 in it is 100 grams, so weight should be added... also in LM cars lights are allowed/required, which leads up to the following typical race setup :

Note that the brass contacts also provide a suspended body float for a real smooth ride

Oh, as ball bearings are allowed, I slapped some in this car, the difference is impressive...

for the light junkies
: front are 3 and 5 mm LED on each side, rear are twin 1,8 mm leds... cap = 0,22 F and resistors to match...

the car really runs smooth, and with a total of 110 grams is rather heavy, but well balanced...

Back to topic, a setup with both mag and weight can give you a really nice handling car

just what you prefer... YMMV
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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